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[New Game] Hills Of Glory 3D Lands On The Shores Of Android, Takes The Fight To Your Device

If there is a parallel universe in which World War 2 didn't occur, I'd bet there are far fewer games there. Well, like it or not Hills of Glory 3D is a WWII-themed title that's part strategy and part "castle defense." On the upside, it's pretty enjoyable.

This is a follow up to the original Hills of Glory, but this time with a whole extra dimension. The graphics are clean and cartoon-y – it actually looks surprisingly good for only being a 49MB download.

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HandyGames Releases World War 2 Themed Sequel To Guns'N'Glory

Popular Android game developer HandyGames has released a sequel to its well received Guns'n'Glory tower defence game called Guns'n'Glory WW2. The original Guns'n'Glory was a Wild West themed game that put you in charge of mobile units which you had to place in strategic position in order to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and "the gold train". The original game took the concept of a tower defence game and put an intriguing spin on it by allowing the enemy units to fight back.

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