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YouTube TV offering a week of free service to make up for World Cup outage

You don't mess with soccer hooligans, so YouTube TV is looking to make it right after an outage during the World Cup earlier this week. Many of those affected by the outage say they've received emails from YouTube that promise a week of free service as compensation. That's not bad for a rather brief interruption.

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Viber announces in-chat Leaderboards to celebrate World Cup

Viber is getting into the World Cup spirit. The popular instant messaging platform has announced a feature that will allow users to make predictions about the outcomes of World Cup matches, along with a specially-made soccer-themed sticker pack and prizes for accurate predictions.

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Brazil is getting Android Go devices, Google Maps improvements, and education programs

Yesterday, at its second annual Google for Brazil event, the company revealed both future plans and updates for its products and services in the country. If you remember, last year Google made a similar set of announcements for Indonesia, and now it's Brazil's turn. The details released cover the range from amusing to useful, with a bit of philanthropic education mixed in, too.

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Google will help you keep track of all the 2018 FIFA World Cup action

Unless you've been living under a rock in recent weeks, you may have heard about some soccer thing that's happening soon (football, to those of us this side of the Atlantic). The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, and Google has some tricks up its sleeve to assist fans around the globe. As the tournament kicks off with Russia vs Saudi Arabia next Thursday, new features in the Google app will help you keep up with all the action. Other Google products will also be on hand to improve the experience, including Assistant, News, Trends, and Maps.

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The ICC And Reliance Big Entertainment Release An Official Fantasy Cricket App For The World Cup

Cricket. Cricket. That's the one like baseball, but with the flat bats and a circular field and a ton of players and black tea afterwards, right? I apologize - as an American it's hard for me to concentrate on sports that don't involve constant concussions and commercial breaks every two minutes. But I am reliably informed that Cricket is enjoyed in Britain and all the places that used to be Britain (except this one). For all of those people, the International Cricket Council has teamed up with the UK arm of Indian publisher Reliance Big Entertainment to offer an official World Cup fantasy app.

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Motorola Updates Boot Services App With New Boot Animation For The World Cup (Video)

Motorola's newer phones have a lot of little touches that improve the overall experience, one of which is the boot services app. Sounds boring, right? Well, it is most of the time. The exception being days like today when Motorola uses boot services to push out a new boot animation. This time it's got a World Cup theme.

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HTC Sense TV Can Now Display Listings In India And Live World Cup Stats

HTC packages an IR blaster into its high-end phones and ships a dedicated app that taps into the hardware. HTC Sense TV, as the app is called, doesn't just change channels, it sucks show listings out of cable boxes and crams them onto smartphone screens. An update has recently rolled out support for Indian TV guides. Indian-based blog Razzil has shared some screens of this beta feature in action.

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Soccer, Sorry, Football Fans Can Add World Cup 2014 National Teams To Google Now Sports Tracking

Google's really been on a roll lately when it comes to Google Now... or at least our readers have been especially good at spotting features that we hadn't before. As the 2014 World Cup draws ever nearer, Google has added the various competing national soccer (all non-Americans, read: football) teams to the integrated sports updates already seen for most of the major league sports in the US. Now you don't need a separate app for score updates and news, unless you're the picky type who likes things like content or videos.

Screenshot_2014-06-08-16-53-00 Screenshot_2014-06-08-16-54-21 Screenshot_2014-06-08-16-55-08

Assuming that the search feature works in the same way as it does for other sports, a generic search for your team (like "United States soccer") should automatically cause scorecard and game alert cards to appear in the main Google Now list.

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Google Search Is Ready For The World Cup With The Scoop On Match Schedules, Scores, Rosters, And More

Starting now, looking up information about the World Cup within the Google Search app will pull up specific details on who's playing where, who's competing next, and who's beating whom. The World Cup takes off next week, and rather than installing a dedicated app just to get the basics, Google has you covered.

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[New App] ESPN Releases FC Soccer & World Cup App For Android A Month Ahead Of This Year's Tournament

The number of weeks between us and this year's World Cup are wilting away, which makes now the time to get prepared. Snag some tickets to Brazil if you can, or, more practically, go snatch up the new Android App ESPN has just released for keeping tags on all of the goings-on. This way you don't even have to watch the games to know who's kicking whose butts, and how hard.


People living in the US can use the app to view videos of goals and other key moments shortly after they happen. The software will also contain ESPN TV clips containing commentary from sports analysts and talking heads to fill those quiet moments when you're not getting your soccer fix.

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