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Adobe Acrobat picks up dark mode in latest update

Dark mode has finally started to take root recently, with popular apps WhatsApp and OneDrive joining the roster this month. Now Adobe is jumping on the bandwagon too, adding dark mode support to Acrobat Reader. With over half a billion downloads, this should please a lot of users who don't like having their corneas burnt to a crisp during the night. 

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Google's Nest Hub could be an incredible productivity tool with a few minor updates

Smart displays are still in their infancy. While they might take inspiration from the basic internet appliances that failed to take off in the 2000s (anyone remember the Chumby One?), smart displays as we know them today started with Amazon's Echo Show. The idea of adding a screen to a smart speaker may have sounded counterproductive at the time, since they essentially are less-versatile tablets, but smart displays have been an undeniable hit with buyers.

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[Update: Brazil too] Google Search job hunt feature now available in the UK

Finding the right job is pretty hard, as I'm sure we can all attest to. It's also not an easy task for employers looking to find the best candidates, as proven by the statistic that 75% of them struggle to hire people who are the right fit. In the US, Spain, and some parts of Africa, Google has offered a service built right into Search that aids users in their job hunt. It's now coming to the UK.

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Google Calendar getting work hours, out-of-office scheduling for G Suite users

Work-life balance can be tricky. Google Calendar is getting a couple of additions that will hopefully make it easier to delineate when your work time ends and your personal time begins: soon, G Suite users will be able to set both their normal work hours as well as mark when they're out of the office.

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Panasonic's new Toughbook FZ-T1 is a £1,200 enterprise 'handheld' with a hot-swappable battery and Android 8.1 Oreo

Panasonic's Toughbook line has been around for a while, offering rugged devices for those workers who need them. They're not cheap, and neither is its latest Toughbook product: the FZ-T1. Like most of these devices, this ~$1500 handheld has some downright mediocre specs for the price, but at least it has Android 8.1 Oreo.

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Google for Jobs going live for some people

Back at Google I/O, a new initiative was announced called 'Google for Jobs.' As you might be able to guess from the name, it is designed to make finding job openings easier and more effective - for both applicants and employers. The feature appears to be going live on Google Search, at least for some users.

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[Update, G+ Post] Francisco Franco makes his productivity timer 5217 free to try

5217, a productivity app made by well-known developer Francisco Franco, has been updated with a new Freemium payment model. Anyone that might be interested in trying new methods for boosting productivity can install the app and give it a try for 10 free work cycles. In addition to the new payment model, 5217 has been updated to include a host of new notification options, Android Wear support, and stats for users.

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Microsoft Brings Work Folders To Android For Keeping Your Company's Files Synced And Secure Across Devices

Microsoft's Work Folders, which is for organizational accounts, allows you to sync work files across devices and access them while offline. For important internal documents, having employees using their own computers and phones to access them is a bit of a security nightmare. Work Folders is a compromise, adding some more protection—and convenience—to allow people to work with potentially sensitive information that is stored on an organization's server.

While this feature is well-integrated into Windows (as you might have expected), this is its debut on Android. If you do not have an account with access via your employer, it won't do you any good; this is a subscribers-only feature set.

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Official Skype For Business Android App Arrives On Google Play

Skype means business, and towards the end of the summer, it let people sign up to test a preview of the upcoming Android app. That testing period is over. The official Skype for Business app is now available in the Play Store.

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PSA: Manually Assign Any Coordinates As Your Home Or Work Address In Google Maps And Google Now

Google Now is genius... most of the time. When you first enable it, it takes a couple of days to get started then it figures out where you live, work, go to the gym, and your other favorite places. Then it starts letting you know how long it'll take you to get to those places depending on the time of day and your previous history of travels to that location.

The problem with Google Now's predictions though is that sometimes they can be inaccurate from the start or take a little longer to adapt to change. Moved your home? Switched jobs?

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