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The Withings Nokia Steel Limited Edition hybrid smartwatch drops to an all-time low of $64 (50% off)

Some people see smartwatches as gadgets and prefer to wear an old-fashioned style timepiece. Hybrid watches offer a good compromise between looking traditional with just the right amount of technology in them to keep track of your activity and wellbeing. The Withings Nokia Steel does that perfectly, as it looks just like a regular wristwatch, but has an extra dial to indicate how much of your daily fitness goals you've achieved.

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Monday deals: Great prices on Echo Dot, Roku Premiere, and more

Happy Monday, loyal readers. Before becoming enthralled in Google I/O 2019 tomorrow, why not check out a few non-Google deals? Today, you'll find 40 percent off the newest Echo Dot, plus savings on the 4K Roku Premiere, the stylish Withings Steel HR Sport, and then some.

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Midweek deals: Save on smart TVs, Bluetooth earbuds, Anker's connected bathroom scale, and more

We didn't have one of these lists to share on Monday — it was a slow weekend — but we're back with all manner of tech deals. Today we've got crazy cheap smart TVs, Sennheiser earbuds, a Bluetooth bathroom scale, and then some.

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Withings brings ECG measurements to your wrist for $130, updates watches and health monitor hardware

Withings, the French fitness company that was acquired by Nokia in 2016 and then sold back to Withings co-founder Éric Carreel the following year, has launched three new products at CES: the Move ECG, a fitness watch with an built-in ECG, the Withings Move, a basic analog fitness watch, and the BPM Core, a standalone health monitor.

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Withings launches an enhanced version of its classic fitness tracker with the $130 Pulse HR

Withings has been busy since it was acquired back from Nokia by its co-founder this spring. Not only did it launch the Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch in September, it has now unveiled an updated version of its very first activity tracker from 2013, the Pulse. The new Pulse HR is a minimal fitness tracker with a price tag designed to match at $130, roughly $70 less than the Steel HR Sport.

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Withings is back with the Steel HR Sport, a hybrid smartwatch with advanced multisport tracking

Although its watches don't run Wear OS, we've followed Withings closely for a few reasons. For one, it makes beautiful minimalist watches with some smart fitness tracking features added in (I own an Activité Steel and I love it). The French company has also been in the news a lot due to Nokia acquiring it, turning it into its Digital Health Division, and then selling it back to its co-founder.

The first product to be released since all of that is the Steel HR Sport, another hybrid smartwatch with a small OLED display that can show your phone notifications, fitness data, and alarm settings, but this time it has more advanced activity tracking features.

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[Update: Sale closed] Nokia in talks to sell its Digital Health Division back to Withings co-founder Éric Carreel

We've gone full circle. In April of 2016, Nokia announced its interest to purchase french health-focused company, Withings. The acquisition and transition took full effect in June of 2017 when Withings became Nokia Health and all of its smartwatches and consumer-oriented health products were rebranded under the Nokia name. Fast forward less than a year and Nokia no longer saw value in this Digital Health Division and put it under strategic review. Now the circle has closed and Nokia has announced that it's doing exclusive negotiations to sell this division back to Éric Carreel, co-founder and former chairman of Withings.

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Nest reportedly interested in buying Nokia's health division

Nearly one year ago, Nokia acquired Withings, a French company selling smart health products. It was Nokia's first major dive into consumer electronics in years, HMD's Nokia-branded devices aside. The health division was put under strategic review in February, leaving its future uncertain. Now we know at least one company interested in buying it - Nest.

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Nokia puts its Digital Health business, formerly Withings, under strategic review

Back in 2016, Nokia announced it wanted to acquire French wearables and health company Withings. One year and two months later, in June of 2017, the acquisition and assimilation was complete and Withings became Nokia Health and started releasing some more products, the last of which was Nokia Sleep which was introduced at this year's CES. Now Nokia has announced that it has initiated a strategic review for this Digital Health business.

The division is famous for its Steel and Steel HR hybrid smart watches, which seem to be well loved thanks to their long battery life, as well as its smart scales (I reviewed the original Withings Body Cardio and was left impressed), and caters to both consumers and enterprise partners.

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Withings is now Nokia Health, two new devices and 'Health Mate' app released

Back in April of last year, Nokia announced its intent to purchase French health company Withings. Withings was known for its large range of consumer health products, including smart scales, activity trackers, Bluetooth thermometers, and more. Today Nokia is not only announcing new health products, but also discontinuing the Withings brand entirely.

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