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V-Moda unveils a new line of fitness oriented in-ear headphones with both wired and wireless options

V-Moda is a brand that's admired by several of us here at AP. It has the reputation of delivering attractive headphones with excellent sound at a (somewhat) reasonable price. I reviewed its Crossfade Wireless headphones a couple of months back and thoroughly enjoyed them.

While the headphone manufacturer has focused primarily on over ear headphones in the past, it's shaking things up today by announcing three new fitness oriented sets of in-ear earbuds. They range from $100 to $170 with two wired models and one that is wireless.

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[Update: Price now $99] Deal Alert: Grab a set of refurbished Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (MDRXB950BT) for just $75 (normally $200)

I own quite a few different sets of over-ear headphones that I use for different purposes. My Bose headphones I wear when working at the computer because they are so light and comfortable that they never cause fatigue. When I travel, I bring a set of Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones to drown out the sound of the jet engines and crying children (which are usually my own). During my lunch break at work I rock my V-Moda Crossfades, because they sound awesome and look intimidating, so no one bothers me while I listen to Audible.

I also own a pair of Sony Extra Bass headphones (MDRXB950BT) and those I wear when I am craving some sick bass notes.

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[Deal Alert] Asus OnHub Wireless-AC 1900 Router marked down to $130 ($70 off MSRP) as an Amazon Gold Box daily deal

Google's OnHub devices would like to change the way you look at and interact with routers. They are designed to be simple to use, attractive, and intelligent. That's nice, since most routers are fairly complicated for the technically challenged and their blinking lights and protruding antennas make them look like tiny, ugly, Romulan mining vessels (most people would think of this as a negative, but I'm not so sure about the AP crowd).

If you've been interested in trying out an OnHub router for a while, but have been waiting for the right deal to pop up, then now is your time to flash some plastic and buy one.

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[Deal Alert] Midnight Black Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones $125 On Amazon, $25 Off - Act Fast, These Price Drops Disappear Quick

There are two things you need to know about this deal. One, the Midnight Black model of the Jaybird X2's is on sale for $124.89 on Amazon, and two, that Artem loves the headphones this company makes. In fact, he loves them so much that if he saw you wearing them on a train, he would likely approach you and strike up a conversation about how much he loves Jaybird headphones.

In that conversation he would probably mention that he owns a website called Android Police, on which he reviewed the previous generation of said headphones in an extremely detailed 3,000 word article.

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[No Cables, No Problem] Fastboot Gains Networking Capabilities, Wireless Flashing Isn't Far Off

If I were to say that I'm going to flash a new system image to your Nexus phone without attaching a USB cable, you might think I'm a little crazy. Well, I could be a little crazy, but that thing about the cable is definitely coming true in the very near future. Google has added networking support to the fastboot tool. When paired with a phone with a supported bootloader, it will be possible to perform all of the usual fastboot commands wirelessly.

In a recent commit to AOSP, support for the TCP protocol was added to fastboot. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the basic building blocks of communication on the Internet, used for reliable transmission of data from one point to another.

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[Deal Alert] 64GB SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive Drops To $50, Its Lowest Price On Amazon

SanDisk is known for its flash drives and microSD cards, but those don't always play along well with smartphones. Even the dual USB/microUSB drives run into trouble with some phones. To address this, there's the SanDisk Connect, a wireless flash drive that you can use without need for Internet access. It generates a Wi-Fi hotspot which, after installing the SanDisk Connect Flash Drive app, your phone or tablet can use to access files.

The bigger the drive, the better, and now it looks like the 64GB stick has dropped to $50 on Amazon.


According to these three camels, this isn't the first time the SanDisk Connect has reached this price, but it hasn't happened yet this year, and the number has never gone lower.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Toggle 'Charging Sound' On And Off In System Settings

Stock Android may not make a special noise when plugged in to charge over USB, but it does play a tone when your device comes in contact with a wireless charger. Until now though, it hasn't been possible to disable this sound without adjusting the system volume. In Android M that will apparently change, as a new toggle joins the lineup in "Other sounds."

Dial pad tones, screen lock sounds, touch sounds, and touch vibration entries are all still present.

This is a small change, but - even if they're buried in settings - sometimes adding more granular controls can be a good thing, and that seems to be one of the themes of Android M so far.

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WSJ: Google Could Announce Wireless Service As Early As Wednesday

We've been hearing (and seeing) more and more about Google's possible wireless service lately, but WSJ published a report this evening indicating that the service's launch may be even sooner than we anticipated.

For those unaware, rumors have been swirling that Google might be ready to open up its own wireless service, an MVNO backed by Sprint and T-Mobile networks, codenamed "Nova."

Tonight's report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Google could be ready to announce the service as early as tomorrow, April 22. Additionally, the report corroborates previous whisperings that Nova would only charge customers for the amount of data they actually use every month, with totals being driven lower by the service's apparent emphasis on using WiFi for voice and data when possible.

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[Move Along, Move Along] Verizon-Sponsored Report Says That Caps Are Awesome And Customers Shouldn't Want Unlimited Data Anyway

Quick poll, Verizon customers: what's the one thing you want from America's most-hated (but admittedly most reliable) wireless carrier? OK, now those who are clamoring for phones with unlockable bootloaders, sit down - everyone left standing wants unlimited data. But you shouldn't, at least not according to Verizon shill Jack Gold.

OK, so maybe it's not fair to call Mr. Gold (seriously, that's his actual name) a shill. He's an analyst, founder and president of J. Gold Associates, LLC. The fact that he appears to be the only one doing any analysis, and that the website of this "technology industry analyst firm" looks like something from 1998, should probably raise some alarms for anyone looking to get some research done.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Android Now Recognizes Wi-Fi Connections With No Internet Access And Won't Automatically Reconnect To Them

You're sitting in a bar, spending $30 on beer and nachos because you're too cheap to spend $100 on a month's worth of cable for Monday Night Football. Despite the fact that the place is tiny and the walls are so thin that you can hear drivers in the street swearing at each other, it's somehow also a black hole for cellular service. So you ask the bartender for the Wi-Fi password, then ask him for the right password, then finally get connected... only to discover that the owner hasn't reset the router since the Bucs won the Super Bowl, and you'd be better off on an EDGE connection.

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