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Stadia is rolling out support for its Wi-Fi controller on the web

While Stadia's launch last year arguably packed fewer features than we initially anticipated, Google is hard at work to add long-promised capabilities. This Tuesday, the company announced that it would roll out wireless Stadia controller support for laptops and desktops, and it looks like the capability is now already widely available. Just like always could on Chromecast, you can finally enjoy Stadia wirelessly on your computer using its first-party hardware.

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Grab the Anker Soundcore Life P2 wireless earbuds for just $43 ($17 off) from Newegg

Anker has been doing well for itself in the wireless earbud market, and Rita was impressed with its most recent products' quality and affordability. While she didn't review this particular model, thousands of others did, and the praise is almost unanimous, which makes this deal all the sweeter. The Soundcore Life P2 is on sale on Newegg for just $43 dollars this week, $17 off the standard price.

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Get Aukey’s True Wireless Earbuds for $40 ($20 off)

Apple popularized fully cordless audio with its AirPods, but other manufacturers also offer cheaper or better alternatives. A good illustration is Aukey's in-ear buds, which are much more discreet than their counterpart — meaning they don't look like toothbrush heads — and cost $100 less. The below coupons make them $20 cheaper and therefore one of the most affordable products in their category, at just $39.59.

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Project Fi is now Google Fi and supports phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and even iPhones


Project Fi has made the leap that all fledgling Google projects aspire to - after around three-and-a-half years, it has dropped the "project" and evolved into "Google Fi," with a brand new logo to boot. Along with the name change, Google has announced that the wireless provider now supports "the majority of Android devices," including Samsung and OnePlus handsets, and iPhones (in beta).

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Samsung is working on a wireless DeX connection for upcoming devices

It may not be perfect quite yet, but Samsung's DeX implementation for using your phone as a desktop computer actually works better than expected. In response to user requests, it seems the development team behind DeX is now working towards making DeX connections even more accessible by removing the need for a cable.

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Verizon boasts 'first on 5G' with an in-house residential solution only available to a small portion of customers

Verizon's done it. The carrier has launched its commercial 5G network, becoming a world leader in the next generation of wireless technology. Or so it says. The wireless operator (America's largest, by subscriber count) announced today that it is launching a 5G broadband internet service called "5G Home" in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento — but its service is still quite limited, and it's not based on the formal global 5G standards.

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JBL's Google Assistant-equipped earbuds and headphones are now up for pre-order

At the start of the year, Harman announced a slew of new audio products from sub-brands JBL, AKG, and Harman Kardon. To us, the most interesting of those are the three that integrate the Google Assistant, and they're now available to pre-order on the JBL site.

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[Deal Alert] Libratone Q Adapt USB-C in-ear down to $119 ($30 off), Wireless on-ear down to $199 ($50 off)

It's a sad state of affairs, but smartphones nowadays are skipping the 3.5mm headset plug for valid, and sometimes not-so-valid, reasons. If your Android phone is following that trend, you have two solutions to listen to music: Bluetooth and USB-C. Today's deals on Libratone might help you save on both of these options.

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Libratone Track+ review: An almost perfect wireless in-ear active noise cancelling headset

Release after release, the Libratone name is becoming more familiar to me. While I raised my eyebrow the first time I heard Jeff mention it, I was quickly won over by its colorful and beautifully minimalist speakers. Over the past year, Libratone made more headway with us, Android fans, by releasing two products along with the Pixel 2: the Q Adapt USB-C in ear earphones (which Richard reviewed) and the Q Adapt Wireless on ear headphonesThen at CES 2018, Libratone followed up by announcing the TRACK+, a set of wireless in-ear noise cancelling earbuds. For $199, they had to stand up to the challenge of not only being good, but being near awesome to justify the price.

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Wicked Audio Endo review: The boring kind of cheap headphones

Bluetooth audio products take many forms at several price points, offering us the consumers multiple options to meet our respective needs. While some can go for the top-dollar, high-end items from Bose, others may need something under $100 or even $50. Affordable audio is potentially lucrative, especially when a customer can go find them at his or her nearest Walmart. Growing up, the only name of true note I knew in this particular market was Skullcandy, an edgy company set on providing decent-ish headphones and earphones that looked nice/cool, but didn't cost a whole ton.

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