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Get a 64GB Oculus Go wireless VR headset today for $209 ($40 off)

If you want a virtual reality headset to kill some time with, but don't want to burden yourself with wires or a high price tag, the Oculus Go might be calling your name. It's currently available at its lowest price for both of its storage options at Amazon and Best Buy.

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You can now choose which apps deliver spoken notifications on Pixel Buds

The fine folks over at 9to5Google are reporting that the Pixel Buds have gained a feature that allows for spoken notifications to be toggled on or off on a per-app basis. Spoken notifications could already be broadly enabled or disabled, but previously, it'd been a one-size-fits-all situation.

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Sony introduces the wireless Xperia Ear Duo with open-ear ambient stereo sound

When Sony's Xperia Ear was first announced as a concept project in February of 2016, we were all a little wary of the utility of an assistant living inside our ears. But with Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant spreading their wings everywhere from our speakers to our appliances and even our headphones, the idea isn't as alien anymore. So Sony is following up now on its original Xperia Ear, which eventually launched in October of 2016, with an upgraded model dubbed the Xperia Ear Duo.

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The Xperia Ear app is now available on Google Play

Sony's Xperia Ear has been available since earlier this month (or mid-October if you count pre-orders) after being announced at MWC in February, and now we have the final piece of the puzzle: the companion app, allowing users to configure and control the app according to personal preference.

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For a brief recap, when you put the Ear into, um, your ear, it will tell you your schedule, the weather, and the latest news. It has a gyroscope and accelerometer, so it can tell what position it's in, when you're walking, or if you're asleep. This means you can nod to confirm something, which is pretty cool, or shake your head to decline.

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[Update: Amazon Too] Deal Alert: Black Jaybird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones $79 At

Something about Thanksgiving seems to do weird things to retailers every year. They drop their prices and their customers show up in the dead of the night acting like werewolves during a full moon. Personally, I think the stuffing is to blame. I mean, have you ever taken a close look at that stuff? It already looks like leftovers the first time you serve it.

Anyways, Walmart seems to have eaten a lot of stuffing, because they have all kinds of deals going on.

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