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LG V35 shows up on the Wireless Power Consortium site

LG's mobile team has been making some... questionable decisions lately. It all began to go downhill when the V30S ThinQ debuted as nothing but a V30 with more RAM and some AI camera features. The company then threw the ThinQ branding on the V30 (and even the Canadian G6, though that seems to have been reversed). Now, because one minor revision of the V30 wasn't enough, the upcoming LG V35 (which will presumably carry ThinQ branding) has shown up on the Wireless Power Consortium's site.

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FCC approves Energous WattUp, the first 'at-a-distance' wireless charging system

Wireless charging was the hot new thing a few years back, then it faded away a bit. Now, it's coming back with Apple's decision to finally adopt one of the existing wireless charging standards. Every phone with wireless charging still needs to be sitting on the charging pad, but that could change soon. Wireless charging startup Energous has announced that its WattUp system has been approved by the FCC, making it the first "at-a-distance" wireless charging tech ready for consumers.

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[Deal Alert] Get 20% off Xtorm's EU-friendly USB-C hubs and chargers with coupon code

Yesterday I reviewed some of Xtorm's USB-C products and came away pleased but not convinced by the prices. It then occurred to me that a little discount could go a long way in making these prices palatable so I reached out to Xtorm and got y'all a 20% coupon code discount. If you were interested in grabbing something from the company, this makes the products more competitive against other brands.

Xtorm makes EU-compatible (EU plug, 220V) hubs, chargers, and cables. The most interesting to me was the Vigor power hub since it marries one USB-C port, one USB QC 3.0 port, 4 regular 2.4A USB ports, and a Qi wireless charging pad on top.

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10 new members added to AirFuel wireless charging alliance, including Huawei and Bose

Wireless charging used to be a hot topic in smartphone design, with Google, Sony, LG, Samsung, and even the likes of HP eager to put one standard or another into their devices. It's been cooling off over the last few years: Google, once the biggest proponent around, has unaccountably left wireless charging out of its latest flagships. Only LG and Samsung still seem genuinely interested in the feature. But the trade groups that represent it are still going strong. At Mobile World Congress, the AirFuel Alliance (formed by the merger of the PMA and AW4P groups) announced ten new members added over the last few months.

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Woodie Hub review: The Cadillac of all-in-one power strips, with a €220 price tag to match

I have never thought of power strips as sexy or gorgeous. To me, all power strips were unavoidable tools that did their job while hiding behind a desk or under a cabinet. The fact that they all looked like cheap pieces of plastic was a necessary evil, a price to pay for their convenient functionality. But that all changed when I saw the Woodie Hub project on Kickstarter.

The Woodie oozed class in a modern and minimalistic way. This was a power strip you could display on your desk, a table in your living room, a bedside table, without it sticking out in the décor like a sore thumb.

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[Deal Alert] Tronsmart's new fast wireless charger, the Chocolate, is on sale for $19 after coupon (codes for UK & Canada too)

While the dream of all top-tier smartphones supporting wireless charging seems to be fading, there are still a fair number on the market equipped with the feature. It's a sweet way to juice up your phone without the hassle of dealing with wires and plugs.

Tronsmart has just released a new wireless charger called the Chocolate and passed along some coupon codes to share with you. The only truly notable feature about the charger is that it supports the new, faster generation of wireless charging with speeds up to 10W (1.4 times faster than the older generation).

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[Deal Alert] Choetech Qi Wireless Charging Pads Up To $10 Off On Amazon With Coupon

The era of ubiquitous wireless charging isn't quite upon us. With metal bodies blocking the connection and fast charging reducing how much time we spend tethered to a wall, most of us don't expect to see all that many people (even those with high-end devices) dropping their phones on pads

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[Deal Alert] Grab An Aluminum Three Coil Choetech Charging Stand + 2A Power Supply For $27.99 After $8 Off CC At Amazon

Wireless charging. I really thought it would be available on all premium Android devices by now, but it seems manufacturers still aren't sure whether this should be a default feature or not.

It's pretty disappointing that the new class of Nexi (pretty sure that's plural for nexus) opted for the UBS Type C or bust route. However, there are still a ton of devices on the market that sport inductive chargers.

For the best wireless charging experience I always recommend using a three coil charger. The additional coils create a larger charging area and make for a more consistent connection.

In other words, they are great for lazy people like myself that don't want the hassle of double checking to make sure their phone is actually charging when placed on a charging pad.

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Wireless Charging Organizations A4WP And PMA Reveal Their Brand New Merged Identity: AirFuel Alliance

Earlier in January of this year, two wireless charging organizations announced a plan to merge their forces in order to combat the monstrous market leader Qi. And now Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance For Wireless Power (A4WP) seem to have finally combined their assets and member lists to create a new identity: AirFuel Alliance.

PMA, the most famous of the two organizations, uses magnetic induction to achieve wireless charging and has been commercialized in Duracell's Powermats and certain variants of the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. A4WP is a more obscure player since its resonance-based charging protocol hasn't been seen in consumer products yet.

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Second Generation Moto 360 Charging Dock Now Available For Purchase On The Google Store For $40

Android Wear devices have gone from novelty to necessity for many of us Android lovers in the past year. They are just so doggone handy, and some of them also make quite a fashion statement. One of the better looking devices on the market is the second generation Moto 360.

The problem the 360 has, along with every other Android Wear device, is that the battery depletes rather quickly, especially when compared to a traditional watch. Fortunately, the watch is pretty easy to charge thanks to a handy dock that is like a tiny little throne for your 360.


I mean, look at that thing, it's adorable.

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