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Most Wanted: The best smart home products you can buy

One of the biggest trends in consumer technology over the last few years has been the rise of the smart home. The number of different device categories that now make up the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has grown immensely, with connected appliances now found in many households across the US and beyond.

The smart home was once an expensive hobby for tech-fiends only but has now become an affordable aspiration for normal people. You can get started for less than $30 these days, with some lights or a smart switch that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled with your phone.

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[Deal Alert] The Wink Hub 2 is $69 ($30 off)

If you're looking for an easy way to get into home automation, then this deal alert may interest you. The Wink Hub 2 is currently on sale, dropping down to $69.17 on a few websites. That's about $30 off of the MSRP, which is pretty decent.

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Wink announces support for more products including SmartThings sensors, motorized blinds, Sengled lights, and more

Wink is a well-known name when it comes to the smart home space, and in a blog post today the company announced support for a bunch of new products. It supports five new lighting solutions, seven new security products/sensors, and three motorized window solutions (fancy words for automated window blinds). Connecting all your smart home devices into one seamless solution has never been easier. 

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10 has purchased Wink, the smart home hub company, from Flextronics

Wink is a name that's decently well-known in the smart home space. Previously owned by the ill-fated Quirky, the home automation company got pawned off to Flextronics. Now, Wink will be joining, the firm founded by entertainer The sum of the acquisition is unknown right now, however,'s PR has confirmed the purchase.

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Wink introduces two new lighting control features alongside the Wink Bright starter kit

There are increasing numbers of people looking into smart home products and services, and Wink provides a pretty robust option for them. "Powerful, but fun and easy to use" was how we described the Wink Home Hub 2 in our review late last year. Since then, compatibility for a variety of products and services has been added, including control of lights and thermostats through Google Home. Now, Wink is introducing a new light bulb starter pack and two new automation features in the app.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a Wink Hub 2 for $80 when you order it through Alexa ($20 off)

We have an interesting deal for you today, courtesy of Wink and Amazon. You can get the Wink Hub 2 for $80, a savings of $20, if you order through Alexa. This sale is good starting today and goes through 9:00 AM PST next Wednesday (3/15). You will need Amazon Prime and an Alexa-enabled device to take advantage of this. To get going, just say "Alexa, order a Wink Hub."

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Wink Hub 2 review: Powerful home automation made approachable and fun

I bought an apartment in October. You can imagine the joy at the thought that it'd be my future family's home, terror at the sight of the mortgage value on the signed contract, and all the excitement about getting to set up a house from scratch. I could pick everything that I loved from design to materials to colors to organization, and yes, also automation.

I wanted lights that turn on when the doors open, A/C units that cool the place when I'm coming home and the outside heat is too much to bear, cameras that catch intruders the moment they are detected, a washing machine that notifies me when the load is done, colored lights that coordinate with whatever I'm watching on TV, blinds that open and close with the sunset and sunrise, and much more.

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Amazon Echo Voice Commands Now Work On Wink-Compatible Smart Home Devices

The Echo is Amazon's little smart tube that perks up whenever you say "Alexa" and proceeds to do whatever you say. Well, as long as what you say is something it has the capability to do. If you have a house filled with Wink-compatible products, that list now includes telling Echo to take control of your home.

Try, "Alexa, turn off the fan" or "Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights." Then watch as you never burn calories getting up to flip switches yourself.


By connecting Echo to your Wink Hub, you can use your voice to control a range of supported devices.

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