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ExaGear runs your Windows programs on Android devices and Chromebooks with the Play Store

Android apps have gotten more powerful and faster over the years, but there are still times when a desktop program is necessary. Usually that means you need to hop over to your (for example) Windows computer, but the ExaGear Windows Emulator can run those programs on Android. So, Android devices and select Chromebooks have access to a ton of desktop applications in theory. ExaGear is not perfect, and it'll cost you $30 to test yourself.

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DeskDock shares your computer's mouse and keyboard with your Android device

What is this witchcraft? DeskDock, now available on the Play Store, allows you to share your computer's keyboard and mouse with your Android device. If you've ever used Synergy, it's very close to that.

What's the point of something like this, you may ask? The primary use the developer provided was to make Android development much easier. With this tool, you could work on an application on your computer, push it to your device, and test it without your hands ever leaving your keyboard. But there are plenty of other potential uses as well - you could use your Android tablet as another monitor to watch media on, for example.

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CrossOver Preview runs Windows apps on Android and Chromebooks, even Photoshop

Last week, CodeWeavers announced that after three years of development, a preview version of CrossOver for Android would be released. Why was I so excited? Because CrossOver allows you to run Windows programs on Mac and Linux, and they brought their expertise over to Android. After trying out the Preview version for a week (which you can sign up for here), I'm extremely impressed by its capabilities, despite some major limitations.

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It may soon be possible to run Windows software on Android and Chromebooks

Chromebooks started as just a portal to web apps, but more powerful extensions eventually made them a little more robust. Now, the Play Store is rolling out on Chromebooks to add a ton of new functionality. But... what about Windows apps? A company called CodeWeavers is tantalizingly close to making that happen thanks to the new Android support. So, we're talking about Windows on both Android and Chrome. As you can see from the image above, they are very, very excited about the prospect.

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[That Was Fast] WhatsApp Desktop Clients Now Available For Windows And Mac OS X

Remember way back in the golden days of earlier this month when we posted about possible upcoming desktop clients for the super-popular WhatsApp SMS alternative? Well the time has finally arrived, a whole nine days later. The company has announced on its official blog that the desktop versions are now available for Windows and Mac OS X. Sorry Linux users, you're stuck using the web client... but if it's any consolation, they look more or less identical.

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WhatsApp May Be Working On Native Chat Clients For Windows and OS X

WhatsApp has conquered the world of low-cost SMS alternatives, at least in the international market. The company's practically free system, which uses standard phone numbers and a text message-style interface, gained hundreds of millions of users before being acquired by Facebook for an amazing $19 billion. WhatsApp already offers a web interface for sending and receiving messages away from your phone, but it looks like something a bit more complex may be in the works.

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Google Drive Can Now Selectively Sync Subfolders On Windows And Mac

For a while, desktop Google Drive's selective sync functionality has been rather, well, selective. You could only select top-level folders. This meant you could select all of your music, or all of your photos, but not a specific set of albums.

Now that's changing.

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[Pretty Cool] Lenovo's LINK USB Drive Transforms Windows Computers Into Control Centers For Your Android Phone

There are many applications that aim to mirror your phone's screen on your computer, or let you control your phone from your computer, or even cast/mirror your phone to a display and connect a keyboard and mouse to control it. But none of these seems as simple as this latest idea from Lenovo.

The LINK is a 32GB USB flash drive, but not only can it be plugged into your Windows (7, 8, 8.1, and 10) computer, it also has another USB 3.0 port on the other side where you plug in your phone's cable. First, this lets you use a flash drive and charge your phone simultaneously, saving you one USB port on your computer.

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[Hands-On] Apkshellext2 Adds Handy APK Tools To Windows Explorer

Windows has no idea what to do with that mountain of APK files you've probably downloaded from APK Mirror, which can make managing said mountain of files annoying. Apkshellext2 is a Windows shell extension that might make your life much easier, as it has mine. Just a few clicks and Windows Explorer will get much smarter.

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[Computer! Hey Wazzzuuupp?] Control Your Phone From Your Windows, Mac, Or Linux With AutoVoice's New Chrome Extension

João Dias, also known as joaomgcd on the Play Store, is one of those developers who are never, ever, content with the current capabilities of modern smartphones. He wants them to be more powerful, respond to more commands, allow more interactions, all from more interfaces. His AutoVoice app has been available for a while, allowing you to harness the OK Google interaction scheme to automate plenty of new actions and issue commands that Google's default algorithms don't yet understand.

Now AutoVoice is getting a lil' sister app, an AutoVoice Chrome extension for your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Thanks to it, you can perform the same actions on your phone, but while sitting at your computer (or from another phone too), like taking screenshots, sending messages, hanging up on calls, and more. João has made a demo video to show you the possibilities.

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