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You can now run multiple release channels of Chrome side-by-side on Windows

Although on Android it's been possible to install different releases of Chrome simultaneously to compare versions and test things out on t, the same thing hasn't been true on Windows and Mac. Once you installed Chrome, it defaulted to the stable channel and you could go into settings to switch to the Beta or Dev channel, but you couldn't have both or all 3 side-by-side. That made it difficult for devs to test their sites or web apps on new versions of Chrome while still being able to monitor their status on the current stable release. (I haven't looked into it, there might have been workarounds, but there was no official solution).

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Microsoft is bringing the Windows Dev Center to Android [APK Download]

If you're a Windows developer, you'll be familiar with the Dev Center, an invaluable tool for monitoring your apps. The personalized dashboard tracks key performance and health data so you can maintain any apps you have in the Windows Store. Microsoft is now getting ready to launch an Android app with the same functionality, so you can check in on your software on the move.

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New Windows 10 preview build allows users to send links directly from their phone to their PC

Over the past several months, Microsoft has been slowly disinvesting its efforts on its mobile operating system and focusing instead on getting Android and iOS to work better alongside Windows. Microsoft announced several of these initiatives at its Build 2017 event earlier this year, including Microsoft Graph — for providing deeper integration between PCs and smartphones — and a 'cloud clipboard.'

A new Windows 10 preview build released today includes a first set of features the company has been working on, focused mostly on cross-device web-browsing. The setup process involves pairing your Android device (iPhone support is coming "very soon") to your PC through the new 'Phone' section in the Windows Settings panel and installing an app on your phone called "Microsoft Apps." After the setup process is complete, you'll be able to send websites directly from your phone or tablet to your linked PC, with even the option to have the page instantly open up on your PC.

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Google's updated Drive client for Windows and Mac delayed

Three weeks ago, Google unveiled an updated version of the Google Drive sync application for Windows and Mac, simply called "Backup & Sync." We actually first saw it back in March, when an unfinished version was accidentally pushed to Windows users. Not only is it better-looking (and hopefully less buggy), it also features some level of integration with the Google Photos desktop uploader.

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Google announces 'Backup and Sync' for Windows and Mac, will replace desktop Google Drive client

The Google Drive client for Windows and Mac is.. decent. It's a bit buggy, and at least on Windows, seems to disconnect every once in a while for no apparent reason. Back in March, we learned that Google was working on a new version called 'Backup and Sync,' because the company accidentally pushed an unfinished version to users which didn't work at all.

Now it seems like Backup and Sync is nearly ready for release.

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Microsoft's cloud clipboard will sync across Windows 10, Android, iOS, and third-party apps

At the company's Build 2017 event, Microsoft unveiled 'Microsoft Graph' - a service that will sync your workflows across Windows 10, Android, and iOS. To show off what Graph is capable of, the company also announced the 'Cloud-powered Clipboard,' which is exactly what it sounds like.

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'Microsoft Graph' will provide deeper integration between Windows 10 PCs and Android/iOS

One of the hallmark features of Windows 10 when it was first introduced was deeper integration with Windows Phone (or as it was later renamed, Windows 10 Mobile). Unfortunately for Microsoft, no one uses Windows phones. Now the company has announced 'Microsoft Graph,' a service that aims to integrate your PC and mobile workflows seamlessly.

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Android has overtaken Windows for the first time as the most popular OS in total internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile combined

The research arm of StatCounter, an independent web analytics company, has revealed an interesting stat today: according to its numbers, Android has overtaken Windows for the first time in terms of worldwide total internet usage.

This bold statement comes with a lot of asterisks. We're talking about total internet usage here, not sales numbers or users. We're also looking at worldwide usage across all platforms combined (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile). And even then, the difference is minimal at 37.93% for Android compared to 37.91% for Windows.

The distinction of platforms is important because if we were only looking at desktops, Windows would have an 84% usage share.

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[Update: Fix available] Google Drive on Windows self-updating to 'Backup and Sync,' breaking in the process

Did you think Google's intentional downgrade OTA for the Nexus 6 from yesterday was bad? Google appears to be on a mission to break as many products as possible, and next up is the Google Drive client for Windows.

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Microsoft releases Project Rome SDK for Android, for controling nearby Windows devices

One of the many announcements at Microsoft's Windows Developer Day was "Project Rome," a way for Universal Windows Platform applications (apps from the Windows Store) to have cross-device services. In addition to supporting all the various Windows 10 platforms (PC, Windows Mobile, Xbox, etc), Microsoft has also released the Project Rome SDK for Android.

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