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Take Up Your Sword (And Key) – Wind-Up Knight 2 Is Now Available To All

Wind-up Knight 2 first appeared in the Play Store last month, but it was geo-restricted to Canada to get the kinks worked out. Now it's ready for everyone else to take a look at. Just like the previous title, Wind-up Knight 2 is an action-platformer with style to spare. It offers in-app purchases, but does so in a pretty reasonable way.

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[New Game] Wind-Up Knight 2 Launches In Canada, Coming To More Regions Soon

The original Wind-Up Knight was an endearing little platfomer, and it's looking like the sequel is just as cute and includes some new gameplay mechanics. This game has launched in Canada first, with access expanding to other countries soon. Most of you will have to make do with the trailer for now.

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[New Game] From The Maker Of Wind-Up Knight, Rise Of The Blobs Is A Clever Puzzler With Cool Visuals

Wind-Up Knight was one of the first truly great platformers on Android, and now developer Robot Invader is taking on puzzles with a new game called Rise of the Blobs. It's a little bit like a fusion of Tetris and Collapse, but with food. It is up to you to hold off the ever expanding army of blobs as they seek to (presumably) consume your marshmallow hero. I mean, you almost can't blame them – he looks so tasty.

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Watch The Android Developer Story Of Wind-Up Knight

Over on the AndroidDevelopers YouTube account, Google has produced a little video about the development of Wind-Up Knight.

It's a short interview with the founders of Robot Invader, the developer behind the game. They talk about what a good idea it was to develop for Android, and go over some of Android's advantages for developers. They reach 100 devices with a single binary, they can update builds in 24 hours, (*ahem* ..Apple)

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[New Game] Wind-Up Knight Brings Intense Gameplay And Quirky Graphics To Your Android Device

Wind-Up Knight is a high-end 3D action game that will destroy you. That is the first sentence of the Market listing for the new game from development team Robot Invader. Pretty big words to live up to, don't you think? Whether it will actually destroy me or not will have to be seen, but, after watching the gameplay trailer, I can safely say that it looks awesome.

Impressive, no? It has more to offer than smooth side-scrolling graphics and a quirky-cute aesthetic appeal, too.

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