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[Deal Alert] The UE Boom 2 is currently half off at Verizon ($99) in a load of different color combinations

When I get a new speaker in the mail to test, one of my go-to devices for comparison is the UE Boom 2. Looks, features, sound – this speaker checks off all the boxes. Today, it even checks the box next to great price. Right now you can pick one up at Verizon for just $99, which is half the normal retail price and a full $30 less than the discounted price that everyone else is offering, including T-Mobile (better get on that Mr. Legere, can't let big red beat ya, it'll ruin your sterling reputation).

What makes this deal even sweeter is that the discount isn't restricted to just one color combination as is often the case with killer sales.

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Pushbullet Update Brings Copy & Paste Feature To The Chrome And Firefox Extensions, A Few Other Enhancements

You guys love Pushbullet, right? If not, it's probably because you haven't used it. This is easily one of the most powerful utilities available on Android, and definitely one worth having installed. And as of today, it's getting even more powerful (or convenient, at least).

As you probably already know, the guys behind Pushbullet never sleep. I've asked them how they seem to gogogo all the time, but they're not giving up on any secrets. Bummer. Anyway, they brought universal copy & paste to the app a while back, but it had one quirk: it required the Windows app to be installed.

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