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Wikipedia co-founder created an ad-free social network that wants to be a better Facebook[citation needed]

All major social networks are financed by advertising and thus free to users who trade access to their data for cat videos and sometimes questionable news content. Wikipedia co-founder and internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales wants to change that. He is currently rolling out his donation-based "news focused social network" WT.Social to people interested in high-quality journalism and productive discussions.

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(Update: Stable) Wikipedia beta now follows system dark theme settings on Android 10

Dark theme and night mode are a boon for those who like to stare at their smartphone screens in a pitch-dark room while regretting staying up late. What further adds to this convenience is an in-app option to automatically match the default system theme settings. Wikipedia is bringing exactly that to its beta app for Android.

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Wikipedia Beta revamps the reading list and adds minor UI changes [APK Download]

The Wikipedia mobile app is a great way to access the site's massive wealth of information. The beta program for the Android app, as well as the separate Wikipedia Beta app, has just received a new update that drastically changes the reading list functionality.

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Wikipedia 2.5 gets a proper beta program, two-factor authentication coming soon

Today brings a new step for Wikipedia. Its Android app is finally getting a proper beta program after years of juggling dual apps, which is fantastic. Even better, two-factor authentication for our accounts is on the horizon.

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Wikipedia Android app updated with bottom navigation row

Android visual standards are a hot topic - just check the comment section every time a point of contention in Material Design springs up. One of the most contentious is top tabs and slide-out menus, as featured in Android since Ice Cream Sandwich, versus bottom navigation links, as tends to be popular with lazy iPhone ports (though they're actually part of the documentation). The latest update to the official Wikipedia app indulges in a little bottom-nav action, and it's... okay.

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Wikipedia App Updated With Quick Access Toolbar, Better Memory Management, And More

How many pointless arguments have been decided by looking something up on Wikipedia? I bet a lot. The Wikipedia app makes it even faster to look up factoids and end arguments, and it's getting an update today with a few feature tweaks and some bug fixes.

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Wikipedia Beta Adds System-Wide Search From Floating Text Selection Popups In Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow's text selection behavior changed, pushing the toolbar from the top of the screen to a floating one that pops up right above your finger. It also made this popup expandable and accessible to developers, some of which have since updated their apps to take advantage of this new option. First, Google Translate added a system-wide Translate button, making it possible for users to convert any word or sentence they come across into another language. Then Medium built a highlight and respond option inside the toolbar that only got triggered while using its app. Now Wikipedia's beta app has received an update to start searches from anywhere on your device.

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Wikipedia App Updated With Pop-Up Reviews For Links, Lots Of UI Tweaks, And Improved Performance


Wikipedia Updates Android App With Material-Inspired UI, Better Search, And More

The Wikipedia app has existed for a long time, but it hasn't seen a UI update in quite a while. That changes today with the new version. It has some material design elements and cool new usability features.

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[New App] Attopedia Is A Surprisingly Good Way To Browse Wikipedia On Android Wear

It seems like one out of every four searches I make sends me to Wikipedia for one thing or another - for example, the metric prefix atto- means 10 to the negative eighteenth power, or one quintillionth, or really quite amazingly bloody small. Google itself defaults to a lot of Wikipedia pages for its Knowledge Graph info, and you'll get small cards full of Wikipedia content for many searches from Android Wear. But developer Dheera Venkatraman (whose previous Wear apps Wear Camera Remote and Matrix face we've already written about) has an even better solution.


Attopedia is a surprisingly effective Wear app for browsing full Wikipedia pages.

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