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[Update: Now $190 and $230] Deal Alert: Pick up a UE Megablast speaker for $207 ($93 off), with charging dock for $247 (also $93 off)

Right now on Amazon, you can get a great deal on an Ultimate Ears Megablast WiFi and Bluetooth speaker. On its own, the Megablast costs just $207, which is $93 less than the MSRP of $299. That's a significant saving, and it applies if you add the charging dock too. With it, the price is $247, adding $40 for the extra convenience.

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[Deal Alert] Get up to $150 off JBL gear, including $40-50 off new Link Assistant speakers

Tis the season for deals and today there's more to be thankful about if you love great sound and even better features. One of our favorite audio brands, JBL, is having a big discount on many of its speakers. This includes small and more significant discounts on long-time Bluetooth favorites like the Clip 2 ($30 off), Charge 3 (a neat $60 off), Flip 4 ($20 off), and Xtreme ($150 off, half-price), but also really cool discounts on the newly announced streaming speaker range.

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Urbanears introduces Chromecast speakers with Bluetooth and Airplay, starting at $350

Scandinavian brand Urbanears is branching out of the headphones market to launch its first speakers: the Baggen and the Stammen. These are almost the same speaker made in two different sizes, wrapped in 360-deg fabric, and available in neutral colors like black, grey, and navy, but also interesting shades like light pink, dark green, and bold orange.

The reason we're talking about them is that they're connected speakers and come with plenty of integrations out of the box: Chromecast Built-in, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect.

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New Sonos PLAYBASE is a $699 soundbar TV base

Sonos makes some super expensive speakers. The name is the first that comes to mind when thinking about connected speakers, so much so that it's the first brand of speakers any company tries to support when it's entering some adjacent market in the smart home, connected home, or audio software/hardware space. While I doubt that I'd personally buy a Sonos speaker even if I had the money to spend on it, I know that a lot of people swear by their Sonos and would purchase more if they could. For those people, there's a new candidate in town vying for their wallet's wad of cash: the PLAYBASE.

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Lenovo announces new Smart Assistant speaker with Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo and its integrated assistant Alexa have seen a lot of success and popularity over the past year, and now more companies have been tempted to build their own iterations of the product. Some, like Lenovo, have decided to nearly copy the entire idea, from the form factor to the Alexa integration. The result is the Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker.

It's a cylindrical tower, much like the Echo, with a speaker grille at the bottom and what seems to be a rising control panel with volume and trigger buttons and an array of 8 360-deg far-field microphones with noise suppression that can pick up voices from up to 5m away.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon And Sonos Team Up For A Father's Day Promo: Free Amazon Gift Cards With Every Sonos Purchase

I've never owned or used a Sonos speaker, but people who have say they are rather nice. They are also rather expensive. But, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you want a great sounding WiFi speaker system that works throughout your entire house, Sonos may just be the best in the business.

A whole home speaker system is one of the finer things in life, and do you know who enjoys the finer things in life? Dads, that's who. Amazon must know this, because they are offering a special promotion on Sonos speakers for Father's day.

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