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Upgrade your Wi-Fi with the Netgear Orbi mesh system and Orbi Voice Satellite Extender, up to 40% off on Amazon

There are plenty of reasons to need a solid wireless internet setup: knocking back gigabytes of bandwidth playing Stadia, surfing the web for the best Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals, and binging your favorite movies and TV shows, just to name a few. If your network isn't up to par, it'll certainly let you know with dropped frames, sluggish video buffering, and endless loading screens. Give your Wi-Fi the boost it deserves with this Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System or Orbi Voice Wi-Fi Satellite Extender, up to 40% off today on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon has a 2-node Netgear Orbi Home WiFi system and an Echo Dot bundle for $330 ($91 off)

We're coming at you today with a deal alert on a nifty little bundle from Amazon. This is a two-node Netgear Orbi WiFi system (router and satellite) that comes with a black second-gen Echo Dot. While you'd normally shell out $420.98 for this, the deal knocks off $90.99, bringing the amount you pay to $329.99. 

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