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[Update: APK Download] Project Fi is about to make switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data painless, adding always-on VPN

Google's long-term plans for its MVNO carrier, Project Fi, remain uncertain. But for the time being, the carrier is continuing to roll out new software features. No, Fi isn't getting RCS support — but it is starting to test an always-on VPN service and improved network switching.

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Wi-Fi Assistant is now available in 11 more countries for Fi users, adds ability to secure open networks saved on your device

Project Fi's Wi-Fi Assistant has been in the news more than usual lately, due to its addition to all Nexus devices and its new ability to secure networks that users manually connect to. Now, the team behind Wi-Fi Assistant has added eleven new European countries for Fi users and a new feature that aims to make existing, saved open networks on your device more secure.

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WiFi Assistant can secure manually connected non-secure networks as of Play services 9.6

After rolling out to new countries and devices without a Project Fi SIM just under a week ago, Google has made Wi-Fi Assistant even more useful. The Assistant can now connect to non-secure public networks that are connected to manually, instead of only being able to secure networks that it connects to automatically.

This solves one of those caveats mentioned in the post last week. Without this functionality, WiFi Assistant could only secure a network if it identified it was open and could connect automatically, which is by no means certain. However, as of Play services 9.6, if you're hunting for open WiFi networks and connect manually, Assistant will now offer to secure it with the VPN, meaning you can browse the web, check emails, stream music, or anything else without worrying if your connection is going to be compromised.

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WiFi Assistant for non-Project Fi Nexus devices is rolling out

A few weeks ago, Google told us that Project Fi's WiFi Assistant, which connects users automatically to public WiFi using a secure VPN, was heading to Nexus devices in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Nordic countries. This has now started rolling out, via an update to Google Connectivity Services, version D.1.5.10.

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Project Fi's WiFi Assistant is coming to all Nexus devices in the US, Canada, the UK, and more

Project Fi users have been able to enjoy access to Google's WiFi Assistant feature since Google launched its MVNO, but soon all Nexus owners will be able to get in on the fun. That means you can connect automatically to open WiFi hotspots via Google's secure VPN. There are some geographical restrictions, of course.

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