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Home screen Google search bar not showing history or suggestions for some Pixel users

The once-handy home screen Google search bar is acting up on Pixel devices. Many users, including some here at Android Police, are experiencing an annoying glitch that causes the bar to not show search history or suggestions of any kind.

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Google's At A Glance widget shows relevant transit departure times

Ever since it debuted with the Pixel's launcher, the At A Glance widget has been slowly adding more features. Now, it covers your calendar events, flights, and traffic information, and it works on non-Pixel devices too. One small change you may have noticed recently is that the traffic time comes with a bit of added info if you take public transportation: transit departure times.

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Apple Music 2.2 adds user profiles and integrates better with Android: OK Google voice search, app shortcuts, one more widget

Apple Music had a lot of promise when it launched, but the app didn't stick well with the times, especially on Android. It seemed as if the developers behind it just didn't want to bother with anything specific to the Android platform, preferring to stick with the basic features and not making use of all the APIs that were available to them. But with the last release of v2.2, it looks like Apple Music is finally realizing some of its potential on our beloved platform.

But before we focus on that, the headline here is the addition of user profiles so you can now share your favorite music and playlists with friends and discover what they've shared as well.

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Chrome Beta 60 adds new search widget, limits the Vibration API to combat malware ads, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 59 was just released, which means Chrome 60 has graduated to beta status. This version includes a few interface changes, like a new context menu and file picker, as well as a new search widget. The Vibration API also has some new limitations to combat malware ads. Let's take a look.

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Chrome Dev has a new search widget you can try out

Google apparently thinks you don't have enough ways to search Google on your phone. On my Pixel, I have the Google search 'pill' on the home screen, and Google Assistant if I hold down on the home button or use 'OK Google.' If you have Chrome Dev, you can use a new search widget as well.

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[Update: Out of beta] Snapchat 10.4 beta lets you add friends to the home screen, if they have a Bitmoji

Some messaging applications allow you to add shortcuts for contacts to the home screen, and now Snapchat has added a variation of that feature. Snapchat 10.4 beta allows users to create home screen widgets for their friends, but only if they have a Bitmoji.

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Google Fit v1.57 rolls out with a major visual redesign, improved goals, and a configurable widget [APK Download]

It's been a long time since we last saw an update to Google Fit, but after some subtle hints during the Android Wear presentations during Google I/O, it was fairly obvious something big was in the works. An update to v1.57 just started rolling out and it may just be the start of a whole new Fit. There are huge changes to the look and at least a few changes to features.

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Cortana Adds A Homescreen Widget For Fast Access To Voice Searches And Reminders

Microsoft's Cortana has been available on Android for about 2 months, but shortly after its launch, it got an update to remove the Hey Cortana hotword (though that remained functional in Cyanogen OS) because of potential conflicts with Google's own Ok Google. That dampened a bit the app's utility as it became slightly more difficult to launch when in a hurry.

This update to version 1.4.0 tries to circumvent the issue by adding a homescreen widget. It has a big Ask Cortana button that launches voice searches immediately, a list of your upcoming events and reminders, and another button to add a reminder.

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Netflix App Update 4.0 Adds A Homescreen Widget, For Some Reason [APK Download]

Have you ever been so excited to watch Netflix's collection of movies, shows, and original content that you simply couldn't wait to get into the app itself before you start to browse? Apparently someone on the development team thinks so, because the latest version of the Android app (posted to APK Mirror earlier this evening) includes a homescreen widget. It's similar to the Play Store widgets, in that its only real purpose is to highlight some of the content on the service.

The widget is 5x5 in its unmodified state, though it reformats its triple-pane display with surprising grace as you enlarge or shrink it with your launcher's resizing tools.

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PSA: Google Sound Search Widget Won't Save Your Search History In Marshmallow Anymore

Back in August, we spotted Google's new Sound Search widget tucked away inside an Android M Developer Preview. There are now two different Sound Search widgets in Marshmallow: one of them is bundled into Google's Search app and the other is from the dedicated Sound Search app, which has been upgraded to version 1.2.0 with Android 6.0 (on the other hand, the version in the Play Store still hasn't been updated for two years).

Despite the fresh coat of paint, the latest Sound Search app does lack some features that were available in the old version, not the least of which is the ability to quickly access your previously searched songs.

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