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New Motorola One Action's ultra-wide-angle camera is out to kill vertical video

The new Motorola One Action is official as of today, though it's leaked a few times in the last couple months. And even though we've seen specs and other details before, the phone still managed to hold onto one secret: that ultra-wide-angle "Action Cam" has been rotated to let you capture landscape videos/photos while the phone is held in portrait. Prices start at €259 with availability in some markets (read: not the US) beginning today.

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Google Camera v5.3 prepares RAW support (again), corrections for wide-angle distortion, and possibly multi-channel audio [APK Teardown]

Android P Developer Preview 4 is out, or Beta 3 as Google refers to it. With it comes the usual slurry of small app updates, some of which have little or no change while others come bearing some interesting fruit. The latest Google Camera update doesn't seem to include any live changes, but it does have hints of many new features to come, including the much-anticipated RAW support, a way to fix faces that were distorted by the wide-angle lens of your camera, an automatic framerate setting, and even a "shiny new feature" that might enable surround sound audio recordings.

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[How about no] Snapchat, now Snap Inc., announces Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a wide-angle camera

Snapchat, the company best known to us for creating a horrible Android app, has just announced two big pieces of news; not only is Snapchat renaming itself Snap Inc., but it's also releasing 'Spectacles', a pair of sunglasses built just for Snapchat that is equipped with a wide-angle camera.

Let's start with Snapchat's new name - Snap Inc. According to CEO Evan Spiegel, the California-based company is taking on this new identity because it's beginning to offer products other than Snapchat. This is understandable; lots of companies, including Google and Facebook, have undergone name changes to redefine themselves.

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Kyocera's DuraForce PRO is an action cam and smartphone hybrid with not-so-terrible specs and an ugly design

Kyocera, to the surprise of no one, has released yet another rugged phone. This one's called the DuraForce PRO, and its specs actually don't seem half bad. With the PRO, Kyocera is pushing the very aptly-named "Super Wide View FHD Action Camera" as the main feature.

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LG G5 review, take 2: Don't judge a very capable book by its unassuming cover

In my surroundings, I am known as the "LG girl." I switched to the brand in 2013 when the G2 was announced and fell in love with the big screen, the great camera, and even LG's own software additions on top of AOSP. I recall showing friends and acquaintances photos I'd taken with the G2 while hiking, flipping the phone to landscape, and telling them to swipe through the pics. "It's like holding only a screen, the bezels disappear," was my own way of explaining why I loved the G2 so much. It never failed to impress.

Then the G3 came along.

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