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Google is renaming Keep to 'Keep Notes' for some reason [APK Download]

We've got some breaking news for you: Google has renamed its Keep app to 'Keep Notes.' We know, it's mind-boggling stuff. Nothing in the app seems to have changed otherwise, though, so it looks like someone at Google just got bored and decided to add another word to this app name.

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[Why?] Google Maps tests a standalone Map tab, separating it from the driving and transit views

You open a maps application, you expect to see a map of where you are. It's common sense, yet we have to start this news article with this pretty basic knowledge bit. The reason? Whoever is behind the latest Google Maps server-side test seems to have missed that "Map app making 101" lesson and went free-styling with their own ideas.

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[What's One More?] Google is developing yet another social app for group photo sharing and editing

Oh Google! Oh Google! Oh Google! No sooner is the company putting to rest one social-slash-messaging app than it is working on three others in its wake. Today's newcomer is a photo sharing and editing app that Google confirmed to TechCrunch as "one of many [experiments] it's running."

According to TechCrunch, this new app would be like a mix of Path and Snapchat and Google Photos, leveraging Google's image recognition technology. It is less of a messaging app and more of a place where users create and join groups dedicated to photo sharing. Anyone could upload, edit, and tag the photos shared to a group, and Google would work its magic sauce behind the scenes to identify objects in photos, tag them, organize them, and make them easier to find in the future.

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