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World Health Organization releases official COVID-19 coronavirus app (Update: Pulled)

Google quickly cracked down on apps claiming to help diagnose or detect the COVID-19 coronavirus, except those verified to come from health agencies. Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has published an Android app for COVID-19, designed to offer basic safety guidance and provide up-to-date news.

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Rumor: 'Remind Me When I'm With This Person' May Be Coming To Google Now

Google Now is a powerful tool. A step toward Google's vision of a Star Trek computer in the palm of your hand, Now is built to serve up information that you need, exactly when you need it, without you asking for it.

To that end, the service has seen many improvements since its debut. It will tell you when your favorite teams are playing, when you need to leave to make it to the airport on time, whether your plane is delayed, and plenty of info about your destination and surrounding attractions, among numerous other things.

One of the more impressive features of Now is its ability to set really smart reminders.

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