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PSA: Weird Glitch Caused A Bunch Of Disney Games To Temporarily Appear Free On The Play Store, Prices Back To Normal Now

Earlier this morning, something strange happened. A handful of paid Disney games – including Where's My Water?, Temple Run: Brave, and Wreck-it Ralph, among others – suddenly showed up as free in the Play Store. Naturally, stories started popping up in the Android world that a bunch of fairly popular games were suddenly available without charge for no apparent reason. Perhaps Disney decided that it was time to give some titles away – but that didn't make much sense, as the "lite" versions of most titles were still present alongside their formerly-paid counterparts.

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Disney's 'Where's My Holiday?' Is Now 'Where's My Valentine?'

In the latest installment of Disney's holiday-themed spinoff of 'Where's My Water?' our platypus and alligator heroes - Swampy and Perry - embark on a journey through 12 love-themed levels of physics puzzler action. These are twelve all-new challenges, and as you might guess, the amount of pink reaches pandemic proportions.


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You can get 'Where's My Valentine?' on the Play Store now, via the link below.

The app was not found in the store.
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Disney Releases Nemo's Reef, It's A Small World Live Wallpaper, And Where's My Holiday? All In One Go

Leave it to Disney to go all out like this. In a very rapid release of new apps, everyone's favorite kid-friendly distributor of films, TV shows, games and anything else that can empty parents' wallets has dropped on us three new titles. For starters, Nemo's Reef. This let's-call-it-a-game expands on the Finding Nemo franchise (naturally), and allows players to create their own underwater reef. You can customize the fish's home, add various characters from the movies including Gill, Dory, Bloat and Bubbles, and even plant a variety of seeds.

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Disney Releases Where's My Perry? A Puzzle Game Based On The World's Most Popular Platypus Detective

If you're either a fan of Disney's animated show Phineas and Ferb, or you simply prefer your detectives have evolutionarily curious anatomy, you'll want to pay attention. Where's My Perry? is a new game from Disney centered around Perry, also known as Agent P, a super sleuth that's just as comfortable on land as he is in water. Which is handy, because you need water in all of its forms to solve the puzzles in this game.

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