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PSA: WhatsApp has made it easier to find emojis and apply text fonts

We're used to covering the big and the small WhatsApp features here, but there are two changes that we haven't mentioned yet that we keep getting tips about so we thought we'd let you know about them, in case you hadn't noticed them before. One is relatively old, the other is fairly new but has been on WhatsApp Web for a while, but both are equally handy improvements. Without further ado, let's check them out.

First are the text selection toolbar actions for changing the font. If you might recall, last year WhatsApp introduced bold, italic, and strikethrough fonts then it added a fixedsys monospace font as well.

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WhatsApp will continue to support Android 2.3 until 2020

As a side effect of the version fragmentation that Android suffers from, even the latest apps tend to support Android versions a few years old. For example, most of Google's apps nowadays have a minimum requirement of Android 4.1 or 4.2. If you're still stuck on 2.3 Gingerbread, at least you'll get to keep using WhatsApp.

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[Update: It's back] WhatsApp is down for everyone right now

Having trouble sending WhatsApp messages? Don't worry, you're not alone. The entire service seems to be down for everyone at the moment. The outage has lasted over an hour at this point, with the web interface showing a "Trying to reach phone" screen:

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WhatsApp lets you pin 3 chats to the top

Those of us who use WhatsApp a lot know that the conversation list can get pretty crowded very fast with groups, plenty of family and friends, and random individual chats. That leads the important chats, the ones you come back to many times during the day, to always change their order in the list and jump up and down depending on when the most recent message was sent. So you're left skimming the list with your eyes, and sometimes scrolling down, to find that conversation you need. (Or you add a chat shortcut to your homescreen.)

WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 (and now 163) solves that by adding one very handy little feature: pinned chats.

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Replying to messages in Android Auto is broken if Hangouts isn't installed, Google is on the case

According to several frustrated posters on Google's product forums, the hands-free reply function built into Android Auto is broken. The feature enables users of various different messaging apps to reply to incoming messages while keeping their hands on the wheel. There is a bizarre workaround, though — make sure you have Hangouts enabled and up-to-date.

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App Cloner updated to 1.4.0, bringing WhatsApp and limited Gmail and Chrome support

We've talked about App Cloner before, and one of the problems we specifically noted was incompatibility with WhatsApp. Well, the update to 1.4.0 brings with it precisely that support, and that is a very good thing.

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WhatsApp lets you pick and send multiple contact details

You ask your friend to send you the contact details of the best photographers she knows for an event you're planning. Or your parents ask you for the number of a couple of good doctors they might call for a consult. These are just two of many circumstances where you might need to share the contact details of several people at the same time.

Previously, WhatsApp only allowed you to attach one contact at a time in a chat, forcing you to repeat your taps several times just to be able to send several persons' phone numbers and/or email addresses to your friends or family.

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WhatsApp adds Google Gboard GIF support

WhatsApp's history with GIFs has taken us through a long winding road until the app added proper GIF sharing and then searching. The latter, however, was only supported through WhatsApp's own "keyboard," i.e. the emoji panel. You had to show the built-in emoji picker then switch to the GIF tab at the bottom. Like many of us noticed, that still left WhatsApp without official support for Google's own Gboard and its ability to insert GIFs directly from the keyboard.

With the latest beta, WhatsApp has fixed that. Now the GIF tab in Gboard is no longer greyed and stricken out while using WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp's sweet old text-based statuses are back in the latest beta

Last month, WhatsApp turned its app into a Snapchat clone by overhauling the entire concept of statuses. Forget short text and emoji blurbs, now you were supposed to share photos and images with others and follow minute-by-minute to see who snooped on your image and, more importantly, who didn't. Because they want to make a point and prove they don't care enough about you.

While the Status tab is still there and unremovable (ugh), the regular old text-based statuses are back in the latest beta for those of us who aren't hip or interesting or vain enough to share a new image every day. Just like before, you can find your own status and edit it under your profile settings at the bottom in the About and phone number section.

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WhatsApp turns chat statuses into a straight-up Snapchat Stories clone

In what appears to be a server-side update to the service, WhatsApp has announced a new "statuses" feature today that really isn't about chat status so much as it is a rip-off of Snapchat's Stories (which was earlier ripped off by Instagram last year). If you know what Snapchat Stories is, you know what today's WhatsApp update is: it really is that similar. Take a look at the video and screenshots below.

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