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WhatsApp Web adds picture-in-picture video playback for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

A year ago, WhatsApp added picture-in-picture video playback in its iOS app. It wasn't until October that the feature made its way to Android in beta, then a few weeks ago, it rolled out to the stable version of the app. Now, it's making the switch from mobile to desktop, as PIP videos have appeared on WhatsApp Web.

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WhatsApp Business adds quick replies, filtering, and labels to desktop and web apps

Last January, Facebook launched WhatsApp Business, targeting small businesses looking to communicate with customers over WhatsApp. The app lets owners set up profiles with email addresses, working hours, and location details, along with a certain degree of automation: quick replies, Gmail-style labeling of conversations, and filters. This functionality had been specific to the Android app so far, but that changes today — WhatsApp Business users can now enjoy these features on the desktop and web app too.

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WhatsApp Web shows new Status, supports Slack-like emoji insertion

We don't often cover WhatsApp Web here since it's not exactly Android, but it's related enough to the Android app that we do make an exception every now and then when there's something worth talking about. Today is one of those examples, but it's worth pointing out that some of these changes aren't new and have been there for a while — maybe even for a month or two. But again, we had to wait until there was enough news to warrant a post.

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WhatsApp Web Lets You Delete And Archive Chats, Change Your Profile Photo And Status, And Manage Your Groups

WhatsApp Web has been available for about half a year, and in the time since its announcement, it only got some minor changes like skin tone emojis. However, the service has received a backend update that adds a lot of the mobile app's features, making it easy for you to manage your conversations from the web interface without having to grab your phone. We don't know when exactly these changes were implemented, but they seem quite new to us.

whatsapp-web-change-status-photo whatsapp-web-archive-delete-chat whatsapp-web-archive-leave-group

First up, your profile photo and status are editable now. Simply hover over your photo and you'll get the option to change it. An edit icon appears next to the status and lets you share all of your feels with your contacts.

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[Hands-On] WhatsApp Web Goes Live For Android Users (BlackBerry And Windows Phone Too, But Not iOS)

Deep breaths. It's happening. WhatsApp Web just went live. Wait, where did you run off to scrolling to the bottom of the page for the link? I have important things to discuss here, like the latest Archer episode. Literally. OK, OK, I won't stall any longer.

The web service, which we first heard about last month, has been officially announced on WhatsApp's blog. As the rumors suggested, it relies on the mobile WhatsApp application as the authenticator through a QR code authorization. It works for WhatsApp users on Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry (and Symbian!), but not iOS.

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WhatsApp Seems To Be Working On A Web Client Called WhatsApp Web

One of the hindrances of using WhatsApp as your main messaging platform, like most of us do in my part of the world, is that you're tied to your phone (or connected tablet). WhatsApp doesn't authenticate you with usernames or passwords, instead requiring a SIM card to work on any device. It had thus far been completely alien (aside from "hacked" solutions like WhatsRemote) to our desktops and full, comfortable, typing-friendly keyboards. That is in contrast to its competitors, Line, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat, which have all developed a desktop counterpart to their mobile solutions. But WhatsApp's lag might be changing, well, sometime down the line.

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