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WhatsApp launches in-chat digital payments, starting in Brazil

For years, WhatsApp has been working towards launching its own payment service. While we always thought India would be the first country to see a full-blown rollout of the feature, it looks like Facebook struck a deal with Brazilian partners before. The company has announced that its bringing digital payments to WhatsApp in the Latin American country, powered by Facebook Pay.

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WhatsApp Business now lets companies sync info from their Facebook pages (APK Download)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger platforms in the world, and when they launched WhatsApp Business back in 2018, it provided businesses a great way to connect with customers. And now things are getting a bit simpler for businesses on the service, as they'll be able to link their company's Facebook page to WhatsApp Business in order to sync info from it and run Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Business gets a dark mode too (APK Download)

After a month of testing in beta, WhatsApp's dark mode went live this week for everyone. That left professional users a little behind, as WhatsApp Business was still on the white-only interface. The app's latest update puts it back on par by bringing this promised dark theme.

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WhatsApp Business adds quick replies, filtering, and labels to desktop and web apps

Last January, Facebook launched WhatsApp Business, targeting small businesses looking to communicate with customers over WhatsApp. The app lets owners set up profiles with email addresses, working hours, and location details, along with a certain degree of automation: quick replies, Gmail-style labeling of conversations, and filters. This functionality had been specific to the Android app so far, but that changes today — WhatsApp Business users can now enjoy these features on the desktop and web app too.

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WhatsApp Business launches officially for Android in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the USA [APK Download]

WhatsApp Business was officially announced in September of 2017 but back then you had to sign up for a beta, register your interest, and hope to be picked to give it a try. Now the app is made official and it's launching for Android in 5 countries to begin with, with a roll out "around the world" in the coming weeks. The lucky five are: Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Yes, the US, where everyone says they don't use WhatsApp. I also find it odd that the launch post mentions how businesses in India and Brazil rely on WhatsApp a lot for their communications, but then these two countries aren't among the list to get it first.

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[Update: Labels too] WhatsApp Business adds support for quick replies

Last year, WhatsApp released a business-focused version of its massively-popular messaging app, aptly-called 'WhatsApp Business.' It has a few unique features, like landline phone number support, messaging statistics, and other minor changes. Now the app has been updated to support quick replies.

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[Update: APK Download] First look at WhatsApp Business: Android app, landline number registration, and multiple accounts options

Although we've been hearing about WhatsApp Business forever, the service was officially announced one month ago and if you paid close attention to the FAQ page, you would have seen a survey where you could sign up to test WhatsApp Business. I totally missed that, but reader Hüseyin Filiz applied and thanks to him, we have our first look at WhatsApp Business.

The service is still in testing, so WhatsApp is asking for feedback from early testers regarding account setup, data migration from their existing WhatsApp app, automatic responses, and analytics.

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