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Bizarre OnePlus ads show implausibly odd series of smartphone tests

I've been told that smartphone enthusiasts are often a bit prickly about their preferences, though OnePlus is taking things to a bizarre new extreme with their latest campaign. Apparently titled "The OnePlus 5T Smart Tests," the first in the series features two men in underwear—one holding a OnePlus 5T, the other holding a Samsung Galaxy S8—having bits of cactus thrown at them, only able to leave after they open 20 "everyday apps." Truly, this takes advertising to a bizarre and unwarranted new level, and you should trust me on this because I live in Japan.

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[Die Holo Die] WhatsApp 2.12.87 Marches Forward With Material Design: New Calling Interface, Lighter Default Wallpaper, More

No sooner do we think we've spent a few good weeks without any major WhatsApp news than a series of updates to the app start hitting us left and right. Just after the last batch of Material Design changes went live for everyone on the Play Store yesterday, we got a new "beta" of the app on the service's website (also available on APK Mirror).

Version 2.12.87 fixes some of the last remnants of Holo in WhatsApp, materializing the calling interface, changing the default wallpaper to a nicer one, cleaning up the search bar UI, and removing those pesky Gingerbread icons that were forgotten under the More menu in a chat's overflow options.

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Economic Times Of India: Google Building WhatsApp Competitor For Emerging Markets Because Hangouts Sucks Or Something

In a story that makes flabbergastingly (yes, I'm making that a word now) little sense to me, Google is allegedly building a competitor to WhatsApp for emerging markets. That is, a mobile messaging application that combines SMS and internet-based communication in a unified, merged, and seamless platform. This does not sound like any kind of Google product I am aware of... said somebody who has literally never heard of Hangouts.

Apparently, the big difference will be that this new service won't require a Google account, which must be a nagging issue for consumers in emerging markets for some reason or another I frankly do not understand.

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Google Play Movies Updated With Sleek New Interface And 'Watch Now' Suggestions [Update: APK]

If you're a fan of the new slide-out menu that has slowly been making its way into all of Google's official apps and also like to watch movies/TV shows, today's your lucky day! Play Movies just got a sizeable update that not only brings said menu, but also a sleeker look and a couple of new features:

New layout and visual design.
Watch Now provides quick access to what you’re likely to watch next.
Personal videos now available via overflow menu.


Aside from the updated interface, the newest iteration of the app also brings a new feature called Watch Now that aims to predict what you're going to watch next and provide quick access to those titles.

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[OH YEAAAAAH] There Is Now A Kool-Aid Man Photobomb App, Because That's Obviously What You've Always Wanted

If I were to tell you that you could easily insert the iconic Kool-Aid man into your pictures in one easy step, would your response be "OH YEAAAAH?" Then you, my friend, are about to have the best day ever. But stop smiling so much – your Kool-Aid-stained teeth will scare small children.

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5 3 4

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[New Game] Rockpocalypse Comes To Android In A Sure Sign The Real Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Like all red-blooded American males, I spend my days sitting around thinking, "Man, I sure wish I could play a button-masher fighting game on my phone staring the one and only Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson." Today my prayers were answered in a totally extreme way. WWE has released Rockpocalypse, with The Rock himself punching and kicking his way through 18 levels of pain. Did I mention it's extreme? EXTREME!

1 2

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This isn't a wrestling game, despite being published by WWE. The premise is that The Rock is on the set of his new movie (a chart-topping blockbuster, I'm sure) when suddenly everyone on the studio lot starts changing into a raving lunatic bent on destroying The Rock.

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Samsung, The Last Thing We Need Is A Knock-Off iPod Shuffle, Please Stop Doing Things

Hi, everyone. I'd like to introduce you to the Samsung Muse. This is a music player with no screen and a mere 4GB of storage that requires a phone with music on it in order to sync. It costs $50 and is going on sale in the U.S. soon. Why is this handy little thingy going to be made available here? Because screw you, that's why.


'What is this device?' you ask? It's a music player. 4GB of storage for all the music you can handle so long as you can't handle that much music. Also, you need to have the music on your phone already.

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What We Use: The Apps, Tools, Devices, And Other Stuff Aaron Can't Do Without

Well, you've already seen what gear David, Cameron, Eric, and Liam use. I suppose now it's my turn - though, a disclaimer: I like to keep things very streamlined. The less clutter (physical and digital) I have, the better. While I may not have as much stuff as them, the things I do use, I use more.

The Hardware


There's no denying that my desktop is dated, but it's capable enough for my needs. It's a self-built PC with an Intel Core i5 750 CPU overclocked to 3.4 GHz, 4GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, Radeon HD 6850, Sound Blaster X-Fi, and old Creative 5.1 speakers, coupled to two 22" monitors.

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You're Wasting Four Minutes Of Your Life If You're Not Watching This Guy Create An Optimus G Out Of Diamonds With His Mind

I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? LG? Making an interesting video? Pshaw, I say! Before you dismiss it, though, let me ask you something. Have you ever seen a phone built out of magic and diamonds?! No? Then I've got something new to show you. In this four-minute promo video for the LG Optimus G, we see a man who is, apparently, a sparkle bender, forge a block of pure obsidian, then literally carve the phone out of this block with telekinesis. And that is just the beginning.

The video also demonstrates other key features of the Optimus G.

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