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[Science goes too far] Furby made into an Alexa-powered eldritch horror

For a lot of us kiddos back in the late 90's, Furbies were something of a craze. I know I had at least one of the retrospectively terrifying gadgets—though I'm at a loss to remember why, exactly, I thought it was cool. Whatever my youthful motivations may have been, enterprising hobbyist Zack of howchoo fame has turned our collective childhood memories into an intelligent Lovecraftian abomination. Meet Furlexa. 

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The World Might Not Need A YouTube App For Android Wear (Complete With Chromecast Support), But Now It Has One

Video on your watch. Video... on your watch. Yup, it's a thing now. And not just any video, millions and millions of videos (at least 20% of which feature cats) on the world's biggest distribution service. Pack it in, NASA. Hit the showers, CERN. Go suck eggs, DARPA. There's no need to try anymore: now that we've got a YouTube app for Android Wear, humanity has reached its absolute peak.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube comes from appfour, the developer of AIDE, Gmail for Wear, and the Android Wear web browser. In that context this is sort of a natural progression, but it's still hard to think of the app as anything more than a novelty.

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