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SanDisk A2 256GB and 512GB microSD cards fall to all-time lows on Amazon Goldbox, today only

If you've been looking to pick up a few microSD cards, today is the day of the week to do it: Amazon has opened up its Gold Box and is featuring sales on a few SanDisk microSD cards and a lot of savings to pass around, whether you need 200GB or 512GB.

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Intel, Qualcomm, and other suppliers blacklist Huawei, putting businesses in imminent danger

Since the Department of Commerce added Chinese manufacturer Huawei to its 'Entity List,' thus limiting its ability to import U.S.-made products, we've seen some of the company's most important supplier relationships take a hit. Alphabet may have been the vendor with the highest profile as many of Huawei's Android products rely on software services from Google. But chip producers, including one in Germany, have also had to limit their ties to the telecommunications company.

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[Update: Up for pre-order, available later in April] SanDisk unveils the Extreme 1TB microSDXC card at MWC

If you find that today's largest microSD cards just aren't enough for you, SanDisk has you covered. The company just announced the 1TB Extreme at MWC, a ridiculous amount of storage in a tiny, tiny form factor. It won't come cheap, though, ringing it at a staggering $449.99 MSRP.

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[Updated] IFTTT adds channels for MyQ garage door opener, Neato robot vacuums, and WD's new My Cloud Home NAS

IFTTT is a godsend solution for people who use different services and platforms and wish they could make them work better together. The idea of tying triggers from one device to actions on another is especially practical in the smart home, and even more so when you can use Google Home to control all those devices through IFTTT even if they don't have direct Assistant integration - yet.

With that said, IFTTT has just added support for 3 new products through new channels.

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SanDisk Announces New Dual USB-C/USB-A Flash Drives For Laptops And Smartphones

USB-C seems to get more widely used with every passing day - ASUS's new ZenFones all have USB-C charging ports - and that is no more apparent than when SanDisk, a major manufacturer of storage devices (until Western Digital acquired the company last month) announces new USB-C flash drives, with a normal USB-A port on the other end for convenient movement of files.

The new flash drives, catchily named "SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C flash drives," are faster (thanks to USB 3.1), reversible, and have multiple purposes, according to the vice president of SanDisk product marketing at Western Digital, Dinesh Bahal. While more and more smartphones are using the connector to charge the battery, very few laptops have USB-C ports at the moment, making a full-size USB a necessity, at least for the time being.

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Western Digital Launches The WD 2go App Allowing My Book Live Customers Remote Access To Their Data

There are plenty of network-attached storage ("NAS") solutions available, however if you are a fan of Western Digital, you may be the owner of their My Book Live line of devices (available much cheaper on Amazon). Although reviews indicate that it is a solid product, it lacks a convenient method of remotely accessing the data, especially considering its MioNet solution is "nearly useless." Owners of this NAS will be pleased to hear that WD has launched the WD 2go Android app that helps bridge the remote access gap by providing an alternative method of viewing the content on your NAS.

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