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Wemo is replacing its awful network-based smart home management with online accounts

Wemo's smart home products are far from perfect, with sometimes-difficult setup processes, tricky integration with third-party services, and an Android app that currently has 2/5 stars on the Play Store. Some of those issues stem from how Wemo doesn't have a unified account system, but the company is fixing that today.

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Google's speakers and displays add local control of smart home devices, starting with Hue, TP-Link, more (Update: SDK live)

For years we've dreamed of the smart home, but when we anticipated it, we didn't really picture a dozen hubs littered all over our house that do nothing but control only one type of device. Sadly, that's the truth we've come to. But Google seems to be taking the first steps to remedy this situation, starting with opening local control of smart devices to all developers and smart home manufacturers.

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug hits an all-time low of $16 ($19 off) on Amazon

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug can turn virtually any dumb appliance into an intelligent, app-connected accessory that can be controlled from your favorite smartphone. Today, Wemo is selling its mini smart plug for the lowest price we've ever seen at just $16 ($19 off) for a single plug and $59 ($26 off) for a triple pack on Amazon.

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Today only, grab a Wemo Wi-Fi light switch for $28 ($22 off) on Amazon

Smart lighting may seem frivolous (and it totally is), but once you use it for a while, you start to see the benefit. An inexpensive way to try it out is with a smart light switch, and right now, Wemo's Wi-Fi-enabled switch is just $27.99 on Amazon, $22 off its normal $49.99 price.

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Foxconn announces purchase of Belkin, Wemo, and Linksys

For years, Taiwan-based Foxconn has been best-known for manufacturing Apple products, but it also builds countless other consumer electronics. Today, one of the company's subsidiaries (Foxconn Interconnect Technology) announced it is purchasing US-based Belkin for $866 million in cash. Belkin owns a number of major brands, including Linksys and Wemo.

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Belkin WeMo smart switches review: A good idea held back by connectivity and software issues

With a couple of months of use behind me, my feelings about the Belkin WeMo switches are just as conflicted now as they were when I unpacked these. On paper, the idea of a switch that you can plug anything in to make it smart is fantastic. In reality, I struggled to find many, if any honestly, devices I wanted to use the WeMo with. But that's not even the meat of my issue with WeMo's switches. Their connectivity has been iffy at best, the app is laughably old, and integration with other smart home devices is hit and miss, mostly because of the aforementioned connectivity issues.

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Most Wanted: The best smart home products you can buy

One of the biggest trends in consumer technology over the last few years has been the rise of the smart home. The number of different device categories that now make up the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has grown immensely, with connected appliances now found in many households across the US and beyond.

The smart home was once an expensive hobby for tech-fiends only but has now become an affordable aspiration for normal people. You can get started for less than $30 these days, with some lights or a smart switch that can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled with your phone.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini and Wemo plug bundle on sale for $43.99 at Target ($40 off)

'Tis the season for things to go on sale, and sometimes more than one sale. The Google Home Mini is already discounted $20 for the holiday season, and Target will also knock $20 more off if you also pick up a Wemo smart plug. It's quite a festive deal.

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WeMo Smart Home Products Now Integrate With Nest

Belkin makes a series of gadgets intended to make your home smarter. Think WiFi-connected light switches and outlets that let you toggle anything you plug in. Now these products work with Nest.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has A Bunch Of Belkin WeMo Switches 20-25% Off Today Only

Belkin's WeMo switches take generic aspects of a home and make them smarter. If you're interested in giving parts of your house an IQ boost, several of the company's products are currently going for 20 to 25% off as part of Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day. The devices come in two primary form factors. There are switches intended for power outlets, and there's a wall-mounted option for controlling the lights. Either way, you're looking at tools that provide the ability to remotely control various parts of the home using an Android device.

The Belkin WeMo light switch has been reduced from $49.99 to $39.99.

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