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5000+ Wells Fargo ATMs now have NFC, can be signed into with Android Pay

Today Wells Fargo announced that over 5,000 of the company's 13,000 ATMs support NFC for card-free access. Wells Fargo customers can now initiate an ATM transaction with little more than their phone and PIN, no card required. This is in addition to the one-time access code ATM system deployed earlier this year. 

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Wells Fargo has announced support for PayPal NFC payments

Paypal announced in early 2016 a desire to return to the idea of NFC payments in the wake of Apple and Google's success. Earlier this morning, PayPal announced the ability to link it to Android Pay, so you could at least use your PayPal funds over NFC that way. Now Wells Fargo has announced they're rolling out support for PayPal customers to link and pay using NFC. It looks like PayPal has NFC on the mind.

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Wells Fargo app updated with fingerprint login support

Google added support for fingerprint readers back in Android 6.0. It has taken developers a while to get on board with that feature, and some are still playing catch up. Enter: Wells Fargo. The Android app has been updated with fingerprint support. Better late than never, I guess.

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Wells Fargo and CITI cards currently not supported with Android Pay on Wear

Android Pay is perhaps the most exciting aspect of Android Wear 2.0, but it has some caveats. It won't work if your phone has an unlocked bootloader, much to the disappointment of custom ROM and root users. Now it appears that some cards already compatible with Android Pay won't work on watches - namely CITI and Wells Fargo cards.

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Samsung Pay Adds Compatibility With Wells Fargo Debit Cards And Credit Cards

Samsung continues to push its Pay platform on every front, and according to the latest press release, it's working. The company claims that "about five million users" have used Samsung Pay to spend more than half a billion dollars. That's probably thanks to Samsung's unique system that doesn't require retailers to buy new payment processing hardware. A wide array of compatible banks, credit unions, and credit card companies probably doesn't hurt. Today Samsung announced that Wells Fargo, one of the largest American banks, is joining the program.

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