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[Update: New name, better image] Photo shows Pixel 4 in new orange "Coral" color - looks like a creamsicle

A photo on Weibo is making the rounds recently, showing off what looks like the back of the Pixel 4 in three different colors. We've already seen both the white and black versions a few times, but the photo shows off a new orange colorway which will probably end up being called "Coral," given both the text accompanying the leak and Google's documented use of the name for orange products before.

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[Update: Official tweet] Oppo's new 'Waterfall' display has the most extreme curved edges we've ever seen

How many ways can you build a rectangle? When it comes to smartphone displays, it can get quite excessive. Chinese manufacturer Oppo recently revealed its work on a panel with a highly-translucent portion containing a phone's front cameras. Now, the company is circulating images and video of what it calls a "waterfall display" — basically a curved edge screen, but with the curves on steroids.

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OnePlus buys Robert Downey Jr. to hawk the 7 Pro in select markets, while supplies last

According to a promotional image published to the actor's Weibo account earlier today, Robert Downey Jr and OnePlus have entered into a marketing deal. According to The Verge, which was able to confirm some details with the smartphone manufacturer, the Avengers star's likeness will be used for promotions across Asia, especially India and China.

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[Update: The iFixit version] Galaxy Fold teardown is all hinges, ribbon cables, and screens ready to break if you look at them wrong

Samsung told us what sort of engineering went into making a Galaxy Fold possible. If you didn't believe what the company had to say, well, take a look at a teardown courtesy of a Chinese blogger and see all the moving parts for yourself.

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Alleged OnePlus 6T box leaks in photos, showing off in-display fingerprint sensor and 'waterdrop' notch

For the past few generations, OnePlus's phones have been heavily based on those from sister company OPPO. The OnePlus 6 was based on the OPPO R15, the OP5T was inspired by the R11s, and so on. OPPO's R17 debuted last month with an in-display fingerprint sensor and a 'waterdrop' notch, and — surprise! — the alleged box for the OnePlus 6T showcases those same features.

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Lenovo VP teases world's first 5G phone, says it'll have a Snapdragon 855

We've been hearing about 5G-related things for quite some time now. The only thing with "5G' in its name that has officially been released is AT&T's, but as we already know, that's complete and utter BS. However, a Lenovo executive recently posted that Lenovo would have the world's first 5G phone.

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HTC's upcoming budget phone, the One X10, gets leaked

Back in January, we got our first look at the HTC One X10. Much like the One X9 before it, the X10 is a 5.5" budget phone designed for markets like India. Now we have a better look at it, courtesy of a post on Weibo.

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Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirms the Huawei Watch 2 will be announced at MWC

The Huawei Watch was many people's favorite Android Wear smartwatch back when it was released in 2015, and it remains so because of its round screen and 'classic' watch look. Huawei CEO Richard Yu has now confirmed on Weibo that the Huawei Watch 2 will be unveiled at MWC, following earlier speculation that this would be the case.

Yu doesn't say anything about the Watch 2, but shares a promotional picture, featuring a man in sports attire wearing the watch. Could this indicate the new model is aimed at the sports watch market? This would mark quite a change from its predecessor, although it's what VentureBeat reported on last month.

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Alleged OnePlus 3 Pictures Appear On Twitter, Front And Rear Of Device Shown Off

Third time lucky? The OnePlus 3 is right around the corner and as if on cue, leaked images of the phone have appeared on Twitter, courtesy of @krispitech (although they appeared on the Chinese social network 'Weibo' first). It unfortunately has a case disguising the looks of the phone, but there's still a fair bit on show. Most noticeable is a hardware home button, probably hiding a fingerprint sensor, similar to those on the original OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2, although this button looks chunkier.

Ch88OcbU4AAGYrV Ch88ObfUUAI5rPI Ch88Ob7UkAAqTQj

The device looks reasonably large - it's quite possible that OnePlus has kept the same screen size and resolution - 1080p - from their previous two flagships for the third time running.

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Alleged Photos Of Droid 5 Bubble Up From Weibo Showing Wireless Charging Coil

According to the aptly-named New Cell Phones Blog, photos of the "4.3-inch or 4.5-inch" Droid 5 have surfaced, which would confirm that Moto has another QWERTY slide-out keyboard in the works. The photos come to New Cell Phones courtesy of Weibo and show off a wireless charging coil. Other rumored features evidently include NFC and a resistance to both water and dust.

Motorola-DROID-5-001 Motorola-DROID-5-verizon

Nothing else is known about these photos, their veracity, or Motorola's plans for a Droid 5, but we'll certainly keep you updated when and if more details emerge.

Source: Weibo (1, 2) via New Cell Phones

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