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Weekend poll: What's your favorite navigation system? Gestures, buttons, or something else?

One of the biggest features introduced in Android Q was the new "fully gestural navigation" system, which replaces the old buttons with an entirely gesture-based method of navigating around apps, returning to the home screen, and multitasking. This builds on the previous two-button "gesture" system introduced in Android 9 Pie, which itself replaced the nearly timeless three-button navigation. Many phones these days have several options when it comes to navigation — some OEMs have even made their own gesture systems. Assuming you have more than one option, which do you prefer?

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Weekend discussion: What's your favorite feature in Android Q so far?

With the next Android Q beta expected to be a release candidate, we've probably seen most of the upcoming features from Google's next big update. Even if you aren't adventurous enough to jump into the Beta Program yourself, you've probably seen some of our coverage on the subject — and if not, a full recap is here. We still have two more releases to look forward to, but so far, what's your favorite feature in Android Q?

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Weekend poll: How did you buy your current phone?

Earlier this week it the FCC agreed to allow Verizon to start locking the phones it sells for 60 days following activation. As you should expect, this will only affect phones purchased from the carrier, those that bring their own phones won't be affected, and that got us to thinking: Where do our readers get their phones? In North America, carrier subsidized phones are still very much a thing, though some other markets we know of prefer outright/unlocked purchases. So how did you get your current phone?

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Weekend poll: US readers, who is your wireless carrier?

The looming merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is threatening to substantially change the balance of power between carriers here in the US, potentially making The Big Four into The Bigger Three. Some argue it will reduce competition in the market, which will ultimately result in things like increased prices and reduced development, while others champion it as a way to build a stiffer competition against AT&T and Verizon — the two biggest providers. Whatever happens, it will likely have some impact on customers, so we're curious to know which carrier you subscribe to.

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Weekend poll: Are you already planning to get Google's Pixel 4?

Usually, we don't ask this question until a whole lot later in the year when announcements have been made, specs have been determined, and all that's left between you and a purchase is the willingness to hit "add to cart." But, we've noticed quite a trend when it comes to our readers speaking out about purchasing the Pixel 4, even though there's still more that we don't know than we do. If for nothing other than comparison later in the year, are you already planning for the Pixel 4?

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Weekend poll: Do you use the Google Trips app?

Among the more important news of the last week was the reveal that the Google Trips had developed an expiration date, with it set to shuffle off its Android coil this August 5th. If you aren't familiar with Google Trips, the app debuted back in 2016, and it used some of the same data scraping, trip bundling tools shared with the now-defunct Inbox to organize travel details together, conveniently categorizing reservations and itineraries for offline use, all while providing handy activity recommendations to fill your empty vacation schedule. Now that the app is going the way of the dodo, we're curious to know how many of our readers that might affect.

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Weekend poll: When was the last time you took a panorama photo on your phone?

Smartphone cameras can do a lot more than take basic photos, and panoramas are one of those so-basic-you-forget-it features, ubiquitous to almost every phone. Almost assuredly, the device in your pocket right now can stitch together the parts of a scene into a nice wide shot. And based on the panorama chops of a particular recent phone, we're curious when the last time you took one was.

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Weekend poll: Would you buy a Huawei phone now?

For the last week, Huawei has dominated the news. Unanticipated consequences of the US government's decision to prevent American companies from selling products to the Chinese giant continue to percolate out, as different parts of Huawei's complex supply chain web reveal how the decision affects them. Although a temporary, 90-day reprieve for the import ban is in effect, it isn't a permanent solution. With things as they stand, would you consider buying a Huawei phone?

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Weekend poll: Did you buy a OnePlus 7 Pro?

2019 is shaping up to be an excellent year for phones, and OnePlus' latest 7 Pro is among our favorites so far. Both on-paper specifications and the general anecdotal experience left us with a positive impression, especially given the $670 starting price. Obviously we were impressed, but we're curious if you were. Planning on picking one up, or giving it a pass?

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Weekend poll: Will you be tuning in to Google I/O?

We're just a few days out from Google's upcoming I/O developer conference, where Google is expected to announce and formally reveal a whole pile of things, from the Pixel 3a to new Android TV hardware. If history is any indicator, the company will also discuss some of its long- and short-term plans for a little operating system called Android — ever heard of it?

I/O is sure to be an information-dense few days, how much are you planning on watching?

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