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Eaze removes in-app purchases following Google ban on marijuana delivery apps

Google changed several policies for the Play Store a month ago, and among them was a new ban on apps selling or facilitating the sale of marijuana. While applications that promote the use of weed is still allowed, the actual sale can't happen inside the app. 'Eaze,' one of the more popular marijuana delivery apps, has now been updated to comply with the new policy.

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Searching '420' in Google Photos does exactly what you think it does

Google Photos knows everything about you, and by "everything" we mean everything. Yes, including your 4/20 activities. Your smoke vapors have gone all the way up to its cloud servers and it can find every single one of them. You must have thought this is pot-entially harmless, but knowing Google, that weed be a little naive. 

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HowHigh Is Like Foursquare For Stoners, Complete With A "Buzzed" Badge And "Vouching" For Your Weed Buds

HowHigh are you? Oops. Hi, how are you? You'll have to forgive me, I'm a lil' buzzed right now, nothing illegal I swear, I have glaucoma and the doctor prescribed this herbal cure. Natural stuff he swore. But each time I take it, I get high-strung and paranoid, a pot. Lot. I said lot. This sounds so bong. DAMMIT, wrong. And sometimes it feels like I'm on a spinning wheel and... HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I say spinning weed? That's funny. Billion dollar idea. A board game with weed types and you take whatever the wheel lands on. Tag line: It lights up so you light up.

I need to write this shit down.

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[New App] Best Buds Is Foursquare For Weed, Helps You Get High Locally And Save Money

Much of the software we've come to know and love comes fresh out of Silicon Valley, but startup Novel Innovation chose a different region to sprout its vision. There were only a few environments conducive to growing its mobile product, but in the high lands of Denver, Colorado, the team could cultivate their dream unencumbered. With its new app, the company wants to help locals and tourists alike find their way to medicinal and newly legalized marijuana.

Best Buds isn't the most original concept, as it's essentially Foursquare for weed, but the creators aren't delusional about this. They're tapping into the "marijuana legalization green rush" and providing a true service to residents.

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