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Grillscape Navigator: Weber's barbecue thermometer app really wants to be your default browser

It might be overkill, but Weber's latest barbecue grill actually have their own app. The Weber iGrill app isn't satisfied simply remotely controlling the precise doneness of that $25 ribeye, though. It would also like to be your default browser on Android — though it won't turn your phone into a barbecue.

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Unofficial Music API Close To Completion, Could Soon Allow Apps To Integrate With Google Music

A few days ago, we heard unofficial reports that Google was disappointed with the performance of Music thus far. While it's barely been out for a full quarter to date, there have been a few major factors holding the service back. In my opinion, one of the biggest factors holding it back thus far is the lack of an API - or, in English: third-party app support for the service. Luckily, a developer by the name of Simon Weber read the post about Google Music and got in touch a few days ago to let me know that he had a solution to the problem: an unofficial API he's been working on.

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