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How to make your smartphone into a pro webcam for Zoom

Life under the novel coronavirus quarantine goes on and the reactions flowing out of it continue to chain. For a lot of us, it means a change in employment status and, sadly, many are completely out of a job. Whether you have one or not, your short-term prospects (as well as our society's) will likely require you to attend interviews and meetings via video chat — your Hangouts, Skypes, and Zooms out there. Demand for webcams have outstripped supply, but if you find yourself needing one in any case, you shouldn't fret: you can use your phone or tablet! We'll tell you a couple of methods to get set up and give some pointers on how to make the most of it!

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You can still buy a webcam from Logitech directly (Update: Free equipment for teachers)

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has led to massive shortages for some types of products. No, I'm not talking about toilet paper: webcams are now incredibly difficult to find, due to the massive rise in people conducting remote meetings. If you can't find one, look no further than Logitech's own website.

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Google Glass Gains Support For USB Webcams, Because Two Head-Mounted Cameras Are Better Than One

The Google Glass developers are at it again; they keep coming up with new ways to burn through that tiny battery. Today, the Glass Development Kit changelog was updated to detail the addition of USB webcam support for developers looking to add access to views outside of the standard forward-facing perspective. Webcams must be attached via On-The-Go (OTG) cable, and Plug 'n Play isn't supported, so Glass must be rebooted before the attached camera can be recognized. This comes a few weeks after a Google I/O session titled Innovate with the Glass Platform where Google Engineer Hyunyoung Song demonstrated a rig she had built with a camera mounted onto the back of a bicycle helmet.

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[New App] Piper Mobile Lets You Control And View The Home Automation Tool Remotely

Remember Piper, the crowdfunded home automation tool we featured almost half a year ago? Well the campaign is over and the gadget is on sale now. Once you get yours in the mail, you'll need to set it up and start using it, which is where the official Android app comes in. Piper Mobile is a free download, compatible with all Android devices running Gingerbread or later.

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Piper is a little gadget that combines a wide-angle webcam and microphone with a Z-wave controller. The WiFi-connected box allows you to view your home from your phone, pan the camera and listen in to the mic, making it a relatively inexpensive security camera or pet minder.

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