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[I/O 2015] Chrome Custom Tabs Will Add Easy And Rich Web Content To Any App With Chrome Capabilities

At the Google I/O 2015 keynote address, Google is moving fluidly between broad Android improvements for the upcoming M preview build and more specific improvements for the company's apps and APIs. One of the first reveals was for a new Chrome feature, Chrome Custom Tabs.

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[OMG Hallelujah] Google No Longer Makes You Sign In Twice When Setting Up Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication Enabled On Android

When certain things finally happen, they make us want to search for that hidden ladder that takes people up to the rooftop and scream "Hallelujah," religious or no. This is one of those things. Google apparently no longer requires people with two-factor authentication enabled to sign in twice when setting up a new Android device or adding another account. Better yet, this change doesn't require Android L or anything fancy. Here's a video of the magic taking place on an HTC One M8.

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