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[Update: Fixed] Pre-registration on the web version of the Play Store is broken for many

Usually, pre-registering to be notified of an app's release is a simple click of a button over on the Play Store, but for some reason, that usually straightforward process seems to have hit a snag. For many, selecting pre-register on a Play Store app listing doesn't actually appear to do anything. On refresh, the relevant button flips right back to say "pre-register" again.

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[Update: More details] Google is rolling out a new web Play Store design with much larger screenshots, a new reviews page, and more

It's been a while since the web Play Store got a fresh coat of paint, but it's coming. Google is in the process of rolling out a tweaked UI, after testing it for a few months. We're still digging through the redesign, but some changes are obvious. The screenshots are much larger, which is a long-overdue change. You'll also notice a myriad of layout tweaks and a new dedicated reviews page.

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Google Finally Adds 'Flag As Inappropriate' Link To Web Play Store

Lately, Google has been making big strides to bring the web iteration of its Play Store more in line with the Android app. The ability to report an inappropriate or malicious app seems like a no-brainer when you're running an app market. Though you've always been able to do this via the Play Store's Android app, you have never been able to do so via the web interface. A little while back, it appears that Google snuck this in without telling anyone, though the process is still more convoluted than it, perhaps, should be.


The "Flag as inappropriate" link takes you to a page on Google Support, where you then have to click a couple of extra times to eventually find another link to a web form for reporting malicious content.

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The Web Version Of The Google Play Store Now Shows An Indicator For Apps With In-App Purchases

If you're a dedicated gamer who's wary of the ever-present freemium model (or an Android blogger who's tired of reaching for his phone for every app in the roundup), there's good news tonight. A recent adjustment of the Google Play Store website will let you know whether an app features in-app purchases or not. It appears just below the Install button, right next to the drop-down list of compatible devices.

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This change mirrors the one made to the on-device Play Store back in December. It should help users decide whether or not they want to try out apps or games at a glance.

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Google Launches New Version Of Web Play Store, Is Absolutely Stunning, Lightning-Fast, And Full Of Cards

Google has officially launched the new web version of the Play Store, and it's a looker. The new interface is based around - you might have guessed - cards and sidebar navigation. I can't find a single page that hasn't been completely revamped. The new look is quite attractive, I think, and presents information in a much more clean, readable manner.


While functionally there aren't a huge amount of changes, the visual difference is stark. Everything seems to flow naturally as one big page as you navigate around the store, as opposed to a bunch of individually loading pages. The result is that most pages on the Play Store now load much more quickly than they did on the old site (well, at least for us they do - your mileage may vary).

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