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Duo app rumored to expand with upcoming web client

According to a report today from 9to5Google, a web client for Duo will be launched "in the coming weeks." When it happens, Duo will join desktop-compatible ranks of Android Messages and dearly departed Allo, expanding the reach of the service away from phones and Smart Displays.

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Allo v14 includes improvements to the image editor, scrubber for audio clips, and much more [APK Teardown + Download]

Yesterday's update to Allo came with announcements that it now supports reactions (basically "likes") and that the doomed blobmoji are to be kept on life support in the form of a sticker pack. As meager an update as it might seem at first glance, it turns out that there are several other new features in this release. On top of that, a teardown shows quite a bit is in the works.

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Tango, the chat app, releases its Web client

Tango, beside being a cool dance, is also a chatting application similar to WhatsApp, Telegram, Allo, and countless others. It may not be as well recognized as some of these brands, but it is popular in some countries around the world. And just like many of its competitors, Tango is now spreading from mobile to the desktop.

The Tango WebChat app is live at You sign in by verifying your phone number and once you're in, you can chat with all your contacts and continue your mobile conversations from the comfort of a larger screen and more responsive keyboard. As someone who uses WhatsApp Web all day everyday, I can assure you that there's a lot of convenience in being able to do everything from your desk without having to pick up your phone to reply to each message you receive.

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WhatsApp's Latest Update Introduces An Annoying Notification For The Web Client

WhatsApp is doing something not so cool, but maybe a bit understandable in its latest beta version 2.16.86. When you start WhatsApp Web, you'll get a new notification telling you that the web client is currently active.

The notification seems semi-permanent. You can't manually dismiss it, but it disappears when you don't use the web client for a while, only to re-appear when you switch back to that tab in your browser. I kind of understand the rationale behind it: safety and privacy. Maybe you forgot WhatsApp Web running on a computer that you're not using or maybe you've stepped away from your computer, but someone else has opened your tab and started checking your conversations.

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WhatsApp Seems To Be Working On A Web Client Called WhatsApp Web

One of the hindrances of using WhatsApp as your main messaging platform, like most of us do in my part of the world, is that you're tied to your phone (or connected tablet). WhatsApp doesn't authenticate you with usernames or passwords, instead requiring a SIM card to work on any device. It had thus far been completely alien (aside from "hacked" solutions like WhatsRemote) to our desktops and full, comfortable, typing-friendly keyboards. That is in contrast to its competitors, Line, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat, which have all developed a desktop counterpart to their mobile solutions. But WhatsApp's lag might be changing, well, sometime down the line.

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