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Two unofficial desktop apps for YouTube Music and Android Messages

An unofficial yet popular Google Play Music app for desktop has picked up YouTube Music support. Developer Samuel Attard updated the app Monday — just weeks after YouTube Music officially debuted. The app makes it easier to enjoy Google’s streaming service without having to deal with the fiddly browser experience.

Separately, a desktop app for Android Messages has also been launched.

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Firefox support for web-based Google Earth is in development

After two years in development, the web-based Google Earth 9.0 debuted earlier this year. The new version runs entirely in the web browser, but it only works in Google Chrome. This is because it used Portable Native Client (NaCl), a technology that allows C and C++ code to run in the Chrome browser. Since no other browser bothered implementing NaCl, the Earth web app was exclusive to Chrome.

That is now changing, as the Twitter account for Google Earth revealed that Firefox support is in the works:

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Allo for web hands-on: Works well enough, as long as you like Chrome

Google's newest messenger app, Allo, was released about a year ago. The app's momentum dropped shortly after release, but that hasn't stopped Google from continuing to improve it. At long last, Allo has gained a web client, but has it been worth the wait?

Setting it up

Unlike Hangouts and similar cloud-based messaging services, your phone acts as the intermediary between your computer and Allo. Anything you do (send/receive a message, start a new chat, etc) is actually performed by your phone, which sends the response back to your computer. As such, your phone will need a working internet connection for the Allo web client to work.

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The Allo web client is still a month or two from release, says Google's Nick Fox

Oh, Allo. We all wanted to give you a chance when Google announced you at I/O 2016. After months of waiting, the app has picked few of the features we wanted. Hey, it's got stickers, though. According to Google's VP of product management Nick Fox, the Allo web app is at least a month or two from release still.

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Instagram has a new mobile web app, with the ability to upload photos

Not too long ago, Twitter released 'Twitter Lite,' a progressive web app version of the official Twitter app. It can do almost everything the native app can, including notifications, but it uses less data and runs entirely in a web browser. Now Instagram has done something similar, with the new web app offering much of the native app's functionality.

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Chrome 58 improves Custom Tabs and Progressive Web Apps, breaks sites using certain HTTPS certificates, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 58 was just released on the desktop a few days ago, and in speedier fashion than usual, Chrome 58 for Android is now available. This update focuses on improvements to Chrome Custom Tabs and Progressive Web Apps, includes dozens of minor improvements, and blocks HTTPS/SSL certificates from certain certificate providers.

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Twitter Lite is a new mobile Twitter web experience built with slow networks in mind

Twitter is launching a new mobile Twitter experience built as a Progressive Web App. Google has been touting PWA for many months, culminating in the latest announcement that they would behave like native apps, which is exactly what Twitter Lite is built around.

Lite is a browser "app" meaning it doesn't need to be downloaded on your phone, it's just easily accessible at, with additional features available only to compatible browsers on Android. The aim is for the page to be light, load quickly, and consume little data so that it's fast and responsive even on slow 2G connections. There's also a more extreme data saver mode that only previews images and videos in a blurry state to reduce consumption and let you choose specifically which ones you want to load.

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Google Photos Web Update Brings Uploading Improvements And Keyboard Shortcuts

It sometimes may feel like the Google Photos web app gets a little left behind in the wake of its Android brethren, but today is the day: a post on Google+ from the Photos team has detailed the latest update, which brings improvements in the upload procedure and all-new keyboard shortcuts.

Photos can now be uploaded directly to an album, instead of having to upload photos and then add them to an album after they've uploaded. This should make it much easier to upload large batches of photos from a DSLR or other camera which doesn't connect to Google Photos. The keyboard shortcuts, meanwhile, will hopefully make navigation through the web interface more efficient, making it easier to move through photos or perform actions on an individual photo, such as editing or deleting.

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[Update: It's Fixed] Google Play Music All Access Web App Is Not Working In Firefox, Internet Explorer, Or Safari On Desktops

As of this morning, most users are finding it back up and running normally

Starting early in the AM on July 14th, reports started coming in that Firefox and Safari can both use the web app again. IE users should be good to go, too. My own testing confirms this as well. Happy listening!

With no obvious cause, numerous subscribers to Google Play Music All Access have suddenly found that just about any non-Chrome browser cannot use the web app to stream songs.

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Google Open-Sources Its I/O 2015 Web App

Google's I/O conference app is generally considered a boon for developers. Each year the app is open-sourced following the conference, exposing the code beneath Google's latest design suggestions and functionality on Android.

This year, however, Google is offering up another open-source goodie. In a post to Google+, Google Developers announced that this year the source of the I/O web app will be released for inspection. In fact, the ioweb2015 project is already available on Github.

The dazzlingly-designed web app is mobile-first and offline enabled, and comes with a long list of impressive functionality. A few features Google chose to specify include "Polymer, material design, web components, service worker, push notifications, google sign-in 2.0, add to homescreen, and web animations APIs."

Knowing that, it's clear that the site is well-rounded from functionality, design, and UX standpoints, so the source undoubtedly holds some treasures for intrepid developers.

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