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Google Voice will shut down old website on August 11

Google Voice has gone through plenty of changes over the past year. The Android app received a dark mode, Gmail integration and multi-platform call transfer arrived, and Voice can finally function with Google Fi on the same account. Now another transition is on the way, as the original Voice website will be shut down in August.

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Some web apps from the Play Store can now run in Firefox Nightly

Google introduced a new way for developers to package web applications into Android apps last year, called Trusted Web Activities. The web apps run inside a modified Chrome Custom Tab, which meant that if your default browser wasn't Chrome (or based on Chrome), they would default to running in Google's browser. Firefox for Android has now added support for TWAs, so if Firefox is your default browser, the apps will run inside a Firefox container instead of Chrome.

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Google Calendar web gets improved event creation and printout enhancements

Even though many Google desktop web apps are already pretty capable and easy to use, there are always things that can be improved, and as such, Calendar on the web has received an update. It's now possible to add more details in the pop-up event creation dialog, and you can finally create fully colored printouts, in case you still like to see your agenda in a physical form.

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Microsoft's PWABuilder makes submitting web apps to the Play Store easier than ever

'Web wrappers,' or web applications haphazardly packaged into native apps for distribution on app stores, have existed on Android for over a decade. Google created a new method for converting web apps into native apps last year, with the introduction of Trusted Web Activities, and now Microsoft has updated its PWABuilder tool to take advantage of newer web features.

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YouTube Music's new Explore tab starts rolling out on the web

A couple of months ago, YouTube Music began rolling out a new Explore section to replace its useless and silly Hotlist tab. It was limited to the mobile app for a while, but it's now beginning to show up on the web and in the desktop Progressive Web App.

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Chromebooks will now install some web apps from the Play Store, instead of their Android versions

Chrome OS can run both web applications and Android apps, but sometimes, the Android app for a service isn't quite as optimized for Chromebooks as the web app equivalent. Google has seemingly realized this, as it is experimenting with a new Play Store feature that installs Progressive Web Apps on Chromebooks instead of the Android app equivalents.

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Google rolling out new AdSense mobile site ahead of Android app shutdown

Google AdSense is the most popular ad platform on the web, but the Android app was last updated in 2017. There's a reason for that — Google wants to replace both it and the iOS app with a cross-platform web application. Now the new mobile site is here, so business owners (or YouTube vloggers) can check their earnings on the go.

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Google pauses Chrome 79 rollout on Android after bug wipes data in some apps (Update: Fixed)

Chrome 79 started rolling out on desktop and mobile platforms a few days ago. Unfortunately, a bug has cropped up that wipes data in certain apps that use Android's built-in WebView, which has riled up both developers and regular users.

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A Googler built a tool to spot satellites from your backyard - no telescope required

We humans have always loved looking up to the stars, but for a few decades, the night sky hasn't only been populated by natural phenomena. A plethora of satellites are orbiting our planet, and if you know just when to look up, you might even be able to see some flying over your head. Google graphics and computer vision engineer James Darpinian has developed a web app that helps you identify where to look to spot these objects by utilizing Street View and browser notifications as well as weather warnings.

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[Update: Shutdown date] Sorry, HTPC owners: YouTube is killing its web-based TV interface

YouTube launched its 'Leanback' interface in 2010, originally designed as an automatic playback client for when you didn't want to search and navigate through videos yourself. It later turned into a full-fledged web application for control with a remote, intended for use with smart TVs and other similar devices. Unfortunately, the Leanback web app is about to join the Google Graveyard.

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