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AccuWeather leaving Play Pass in the wake of Dark Sky’s Android demise

Android Police maintains a giant list of apps that are participating or have participated in Google's Play Pass program — where users pay a low subscription fee to remove ads and access premium features from said apps. But it's a finicky list to maintain because every addition is manual and it's extremely difficult to track any subtractions without a public database. Well, we can report on at least one departure that will take effect soon: AccuWeather is leaving Play Pass on September 20. If you use the weather app, you might not like the reason why.

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Our 7 favorite weather apps, now that Dark Sky is dead

As of August 1, Dark Sky is dust — at least for us Android users. At the end of March, it was announced that Apple had acquired the popular weather app and would be shutting off Android access on July 1. Turns out the company would end up extending that deadline by a month. Whoop-de-doo. But since then, we've seen a fake Dark Sky app pop up and then get put down in the Play Store. We get it: people are passionate about their weather apps. So, as Dark Sky finally makes it to pasture, we're once again updating our list of our favorite Android weather apps.

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AccuWeather adds minute-by-minute forecasts to fill the void left by Dark Sky

Dark Sky may get to live on Android for an extra month until August 1, but after that, it's time to look for a new weather app. The competition is well aware of that and is bringing its applications up-to-par. As such, AccuWeather has been working on a full overhaul of its slightly dated app, featuring a new icon, more native code, an hourly minute-by-minute forecast front-and-center, and tons of customization options, including dark modes. The new app will roll out to the Play Store starting today.

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Apple-owned Dark Sky gets an extra month on Android, will now sunset on August 1


Chrome OS 85 adds clock and weather widget to Ambient Mode

Google has been working on an Ambient Mode for Chrome OS for quite a while — like Chromecasts or Nest displays, it's meant to show you a slideshow of artworks or a selection of images from your Google Photos library while your laptop is charging. For a few months, that's all the feature did, but the latest developer build of Chrome OS 85 changes that, as Chrome Unboxed reports. When you activate the corresponding flag in that channel, you'll see a clock and a weather widget in the bottom left corner, just like you would on a Chromecast. It's still work in progress, though.

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Hands on with WeatherPro, a promising Dark Sky alternative

WeatherPro has been around on Android for more than ten years and has gone through changes on both the visual and the monetary front — the subscription-based app used to be a paid product back in 2018 before the company behind it joined forces with another one. Now, the app has received a comprehensive redesign, giving it a rethought bottom bar interface and a customizable home screen. That's reason enough for us to go hands-on with the app, mainly because we wanted to see if it can fill the vacuum left by Dark Sky's demise.

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Weather Underground’s Play Store rating has plummeted since v6 was released (Update: Correction)

Not too long ago, the weather app Dark Sky saw its Play Store ratings decimated overnight after its acquisition by Apple and the subsequent scrapping of the Android app was announced. Another popular meteorological app is seeing a similar trend for its app ratings, although for entirely different reasons. Instead of improving the user experience, a recent major update to Weather Underground monumentally degraded the app by dropping several basic and prominent features.

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Dark Sky's Android app rating destroyed in wake of Apple acquisition, shutdown news

Excellent weather applications are rare on Android, with many of them having documented privacy issues or poor interfaces. Dark Sky was a favorite among many, thanks to its precise forecasts and clean design. It was revealed last month that the Android version would shut down, following the parent company's purchase by Apple, and the Play Store listing has taken a massive blow in the days since.

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Dark Sky is shutting down its Android app after being acquired by Apple

Indie weather app/company Dark Sky has just been acquired by Apple. As part of the change, the company is shutting down its Android and Wear OS apps. Soon they will no longer be available to download, and on July 1st, 2020, they will stop working entirely, with subscribers receiving a refund at that time. iOS customers will be able to continue using the app.

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Google rolls out redesigned, reorganized Assistant updates tab (Updated)

Google's new, less intrusive Assistant is already available on the Pixel 4, but the redesign it received has mostly affected the voice command interface. The updates tab, Google Now's spiritual successor, kept the same look. Now, Google appears to be testing an overhauled dashboard with more gradients and chronological organization.

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