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Weather Underground’s Play Store rating has plummeted since v6 was released (Update: Correction)

Not too long ago, the weather app Dark Sky saw its Play Store ratings decimated overnight after its acquisition by Apple and the subsequent scrapping of the Android app was announced. Another popular meteorological app is seeing a similar trend for its app ratings, although for entirely different reasons. Instead of improving the user experience, a recent major update to Weather Underground monumentally degraded the app by dropping several basic and prominent features.

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Weather Underground's new IFTTT channel brings applets for all kinds of weather-related automations

A lot of the things we do depend on the weather and outdoor conditions. We crank up the thermostat when it's too cold, wear coats and carry an umbrella when it's raining, turn on the AC when the summer heat is too much, plug in the lights when the sun sets, and more.

Now you can automate many of these things with Weather Underground's new IFTTT channel. There are plenty of existing applets already, including ones from WU that contain many thats as consequences to one this, like the one that transitions the house into night mode by adjusting Hue lights, WeMo switches, and Nest thermostats or the weather preparedness one that notifies you, emails you, and creates a calendar event for rainy times.

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CyanogenMod Releases Weather Underground Weather Provider Plugin

A couple of weeks ago, CyanogenMod nightlies added a new Weather settings panel that left some of its users confused. The panel had no options and all you could see was that there were "No weather provider services installed." It looked like CyanogenMod was ready to start allowing different third-party weather providers into its homescreen and lockscreen widgets, instead of forcing users to go with whichever default service was being used, but that the option was still being tested.

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Wunderground Releases WunderMap For Android Tablets, A Unique Weather Application That's All About The Radar

If there's one belief I have when it comes to mobile devices, it's that you can never have too many weather applications. I'm not sure where that obsession comes from, but I periodically have to remind myself to clear out the ones I no longer look at.

Given my love for good weather apps, I can't help but grab all the latest ones as soon as they hit the Play Store (if they look good, of course), and when I hear the name Wunderground, I immediately know it's going to be one worth keeping. The latest offering from the minds behind Weather Underground is WunderMap, a map/radar-centric weather application designed exclusively for tablets.

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Weather Underground Is Now Available For Google TV, Makes You Forget The Weather Channel You've Already Forgotten

Now here's a novel idea! Putting weather information on the television! Weather Underground is now available for the Google TV, bringing a rather nice, simple weather app to the Google TV. The app features a 6-day forecast, hourly forecasts, and maps of your local area with weather information overlaid. It's pretty nifty.

weatherunderground1 weatherunderground2

It may not be the most exciting app, but this is the way it should be, shouldn't it? Gone are the days of turning to a static channel and waiting around for a man in a suit to eventually get around to talking about your area. Just pop open the app and see.

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