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Our 7 favorite weather apps, now that Dark Sky is dead

As of August 1, Dark Sky is dust — at least for us Android users. At the end of March, it was announced that Apple had acquired the popular weather app and would be shutting off Android access on July 1. Turns out the company would end up extending that deadline by a month. Whoop-de-doo. But since then, we've seen a fake Dark Sky app pop up and then get put down in the Play Store. We get it: people are passionate about their weather apps. So, as Dark Sky finally makes it to pasture tomorrow, we're once again updating our list of our favorite Android weather apps.

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12 of the best weather widgets available on Android in 2020

Weather is one of those uniquely well-suited use cases for Android's powerful widget system. There are a lot of options out there, though, with various configurations and customizations that might appeal to you (and your aesthetic sense) more than others. We've used many of them over the years, and we think this roundup of 12 of the best ones (in our opinion!) should have something for everybody, from the minimalist to the full-on data geeks.

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[Update: Now out of beta] Snarky forecast app Carrot Weather is now on Android

Carrot Weather, an app that tells you the forecast while also being mean to you, is now in pre-release beta on Android. The jokes the app delivers are hit or miss, but with weather data from Dark Sky, a clean interface, and some pretty nice illustrations, it's very usable overall.

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Today Weather, the award-winning weather app, has upgraded its radar and is offering Premium features for $2.49 ($2 off) [Sponsored Post]

There are many weather apps to choose from, but the average ones are bloated, confusing, and sometimes even annoying. Today Weather, named one of the Play Store's best apps of 2017, strips away all the clutter and provides a great deal of information in a clear, elegant way. And to entice you to check out their new and improved radar functionality, you can get Today Weather's Premium features for $2.49 for a limited time, a $2 discount.

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Today Weather is a brand new weather app that is beautiful and easy to use [Sponsored Post]

We all need a weather app. The tricky part of developing a weather app is giving users the right amount of information. Too much and it's overwhelming and a pain to use. Too little and users will be looking for that info in some other app. Today Weather, a new app from a two-person, independent development and design team, strikes this balance perfectly while being easy on the eyes at the same time.

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[Update: Wide release] Sunshine, The Popular iOS Weather App, Is Currently In Beta Testing For Android

Sunshine, a popular and unique weather app for iOS, is making its way to Android. The app specializes in providing useful, rather than detailed, information while crowdsourcing for more accurate weather data. While there hasn't been an official announcement from the developers, the app is now open for beta testing.

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