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Dark Sky brings hyperlocal weather information to Wear OS

Checking the weather is one of the features I use most on my phone. For years, I had a widget dedicated to just that on my homescreen, a layout I abandoned only a short time ago. When it comes to wearables, you have a couple of options in this area. Some watches come with pre-built faces that include weather info, you can build your own in something like Pujie, or install a separate app. Those who opt for the latter now have a new entrant to consider. Dark Sky has come to Wear OS, and it's a free upgrade for all existing subscribers.

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The Weather Channel v9.0 forecasts a fresh UI with 100% chance of weather "stories" and trending conditions

Weather apps are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, but few are as popular or as religiously used as The Weather Channel's app. Over the past few days, the app has received an update that refreshes the entire interface and adds a few new features.

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Today Weather, the elegantly designed weather app, adds a Note8-specific layout and pollen counts for the US [Sponsored Post]

No matter how advanced technology has become, there's one thing that remains out of our reach. We can instantly access information wherever we are, enjoy any type of media content, and communicate almost instantaneously. But, no matter how good things get, we're still subject to the whims of the weather (at least for now).

Since we all have to dress to accommodate the daily forecast, you may as well use the best app for the job. Thankfully, the elegantly designed Today Weather is there to provide, and it was just updated with a new layout for the Note8 and pollen counts for the US. 

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Popular 'Hyperlocal' Dark Sky Weather App Comes To Android, But A Subscription Payment Model Rains On The Parade

Weather apps aren't exactly hard to find on Android. I don't think I've ever seen a phone or tablet that didn't include one by default from at least one provider, and dozens of freebies are available on the Play Store in varying degrees of quality and technicality. So why should users care about the latest one? Two reasons: first, it comes from, the company responsible for providing the weather data to a bunch of other weather apps. And second, it's one of those "hyperlocal" services that can give accurate forecasts "down to the minute" for very specific locations.

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[New App] LevelUp Studio Releases Bright Weather, A Beautifully Minimal And Informative Weather App

Let's speak some truth here right out of the gate: weather apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store. With the volume of apps designed to tell users the weather, it's really difficult to put out something that stands out in the crowd. Fortunately for LevelUp Studio, it has quite a bit of experience in that field thanks to its incredibly popular app Beautiful Widgets. If you're into informative, yet minimal apps, then the company's newest offering, Bright Weather, should be right up your alley.

Screenshot_2014-05-13-09-30-41 Screenshot_2014-05-13-09-31-21 Screenshot_2014-05-13-09-31-13


LevelUp claims that Bright is the "most comprehensive weather app available on Android." I can't personally say whether that's actually true or not, but I will say that Bright offers up quite a bit of info on just a few screens.

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[Hands-On] Stormfly Is A Thoroughly Unexciting But Very Pragmatic Way To Change Your Wallpaper Based On The Weather

Spiderfly Studios has a knack for developing apps that extend Android's functionality in the least obtrusive way possible. Their most popular app thus far, Glowfly, offers holo-friendly SMS popup notifications with support for images and sending quick replies. Their latest offering, Stormfly, offers HD wallpapers that change as the weather does. It's not an original concept by any means, but the studio has managed to throw together an app that does this in the most integrated way possible, and they do so without putting much of a strain on bandwidth.

How It Works

All of Stormfly's functionality is visible and tweakable from a single Settings page.

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Yahoo! Weather Android App Gets A Facelift Focusing On Flickr Photos

The built-in weather reports in Android are still a bit basic, Google Now notwithstanding. That's probably why the Yahoo! Weather app has more than five million downloads: a combination of solid weather stats, multiple cities, and a variety of widgets have won it plenty of fans. Today the app gets a significant update, adding a handful of new features and synergistically bringing Yahoo's Flickr property front and center.

2013-08-15 13.22.31 2013-08-15 13.50.54 2013-08-15 13.51.06

Curated Flickr photos were available in the app before, but now they're the main attraction, expanding to fill the screen in just about every part of the interface. Yahoo! Weather will pull relevant and contextual photos from Flickr's Project Weather based on your location, or the ones that you manually set for alternate cities or zip codes in the main app or homescreen and lockscreen widgets.

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[New App] WeatherSignal From OpenSignal Invites You To Share Your Local Weather With The World

If you fancy yourself a budding meteorologist, OpenSignal's latest app release might just be the resource you've been waiting for. WeatherSignal turns your Android phone into a mobile weather station by tapping into sensors you didn't know your phone had in order to measure local atmospheric readings. With your consent, the app then submits this data to a collaboratively updated weather map for the world to share. Those of you who have used OpenSignal's previous app to find the best local WiFi connections might recognize the concept behind the company's latest initiative.

WeatherSignal2 WeatherSignal4 WeatherSignal6

WeatherSignal is capable of measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, light, magnetic flux, and acceleration.

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'Weather Live' Ends Amazon Appstore Exclusivity, Now Available In The Play Store

I have a confession to make: I love weather apps. It's not so much that I always want to know what the weather is (even though I do), it's that I just loving seeing all that information on one screen. Current temp, high, low, time, hourly and daily forecast - it's enlightening. Like so many other people, though, I don't just want to see this info in a dry manner. Weather in text form is boring - I want it to be pretty! You know, like weather is naturally.

Enter a beautiful weather app called Weather Live. This app has been exclusive to the Amazon Appstore for the last several months, but it's now in the Play Store for all to enjoy.

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[Hands-On] Weather Flow (From The Creators Of Cocktail Flow) Is The New Prettiest Weather App Of The Moment

If you've ever used the app Cocktail Flow by Distinction Ltd, you know that they take design and aesthetics seriously. Their new (and only second) app, Weather Flow, continues that trend and delivers what I believe is the best-looking weather experience on Android to date. And it's not hard to see why:

screen_20120320_1104 screen_20120320_1104_2 screen_20120320_1106

And if you don't like pretty pictures of wheat fields and idyllic dirt country roads, there's an alternative theme in Weather flow that I actually prefer:

screen_20120320_1106_2 screen_20120320_1106_3 screen_20120320_1112

You get a bit more information (the hourly forecast and daily forecast are both displayed simultaneously), and that beautiful ICS-style theming and color scheme.

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