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Fossil Q Founder Review: Good Watch, Mediocre Smart Watch

Until now, all the Android Wear watches you could buy were made by technology firms moonlighting as watchmakers, but now there's the Fossil Q Founder. This is the first widely available Android Wear smart watch designed by a company that makes regular watches. In some ways it looks more like a real watch than any of the others, but there are also some design concessions that remind you Fossil is new to the whole wearables thing.

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Fossil Acquires Fitness Wearable Company Misfit For A Cool $260 Million In A Quest For Fashion-Forward Tech

Fossil makes things you can wear, Misfit wears things you can wear. Fossil wants to make smart wearables, Misfit makes smart wearables. Fossil does fashion, Misfit does fashionable gadgets. If it sounds like a match made in heaven, then you know what the two companies were thinking when they brokered a deal to make Misfit part of Fossil's corporate portfolio.

The purchase is valued at $260 million, no small bet on the part of Fossil on the legitimacy of both Misfit and the smart wearable market in general. Fossil had until now only just begun treading into this area, releasing an activity tracker and forging some partnerships with bigger players.

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AT&T Plans Service To Let Multiple Devices Share A Single Phone Number

AT&T is almost ready to launch a new feature that ties together multiple devices under one phone number. The feature is currently called NumberSync, and the carrier expects it to launch on a single device (weird) very soon. More devices will launch later this year, making the feature actually useful.

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Asus ZenWatch 2 Review: The First True Entry-Level Android Wear Watch [Update: Small Version Comparison]

The original Asus ZenWatch was one of my favorite first-generation Wear devices because it had a slick design and competitive price ($200). It wasn't perfect, but it offered a good alternative to expensive devices like the G Watch R. The ZenWatch 2 is going to hit shelves in a few days, and at first glance it's very much like its predecessor.

Asus actually made a number of notable changes, but not all of them are positive. At the same time, the price is very attractive and there are two size options—the large one starts at $129.99 and the smaller will be $149.99.

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Huawei Watch Review: An Excellent First Effort From Huawei

The Huawei Watch is a nice smartwatch with a nice screen, good battery life, and what I would call an above-average level of construction quality. If you want a Wear device that is nice and usable and doesn’t have anything seriously wrong or annoying about it, this is a great option. A pricey one, to be sure, but still very, very good. But above all else, it really does feel like the Huawei Watch is the smartwatch for the consumer seriously concerned about the Moto 360’s flat tire. That is most of this watch’s real appeal to enthusiasts, so let’s just lay it out there.

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BBC News Adds Support For Android Wear In The Latest Version Of UK And Worldwide Apps

"The Beeb on your wrist" might be mistaken for Cockney slang by some poorly-travelled American blogger, but in this case it's the latest feature to hit the official BBC Worldwide news app. The update to 3.2 for BBC News UK and BBC News Worldwide will send short snippets of stories to your Android Wear device. The only other changes are bug fixes and some layout adjustments for the primary, non-wearable app.

screen screen2 screen3

BBC News on a watch is surprisingly usable. A title, header image, and short paragraph for each story are displayed in a sort of mini-RSS style. The layout lets you swipe horizontally and vertically: go up or down to move between the "Top Stories," "My News" (selected on the smartphone app), and "Most Read" categories, and swipe left or right to move between individual stories.

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[Deal Alert] Get An Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 And Onetouch Watch Bundle For $299 ($100 Off)

Alcatel is running a new promotion today for the back-to-school season, and it looks like a good one. For a limited time, you can get an Idol 3 smartphone and a Onetouch Watch for $299. The phone by itself is $250, so you're effectively only paying $50 for the watch.

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31 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 4/22/15—6/18/15

We're on the verge of second generation Android Wear devices, but you don't have to wait to stock up on cool apps and watch faces. We've got all the best stuff from the last few weeks right here for your perusal. So grab your watch and read on for the best new Wear stuff. It's mostly watch faces these days, but we are still talking about watches, right?

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Intel Acquires Recon Instruments, The Makers Of The Fitness-Oriented Smart Eyewear Recon Jet

After somewhat missing the boat on mobile computing, Intel is slowly and steadily forging its way in the wearable market, trying to stay at the forefront of this new field. Over the past year or so, it has acquired Basis, formed a partnership with eyewear giant Luxxotica (Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc), announced a collaboration with Google and Tag Heuer for an Android Wear watch, and unveiled a button-sized chip for wearables named the Curie Module. It has now taken another step forward in its venture by acquiring Recon Instruments.

Recon is a Canadian company better known for its much-delayed but quite interesting Jet, a head-mounted unit that runs a heavily modded version of Android Jelly Bean and targets the sports and fitness crowd with preloaded apps and functionality.

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