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Sony is bringing its ridiculous neck speakers to the US next month

The concept of wearable speakers is relatively new and weird, and the benefits are questionable for most people. It's a category of devices that sits somewhere between regular old speakers and headphones. They're supposed to make the sound feel even more immersive as you enjoy your home cinema, while neither disturbing nor blocking out your surroundings. One such product is Sony's SRS-WS1. It's been available overseas for quite some time already, and it's now coming to the US.

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[Deal Alert] LG's Tone Studio wearable speakers just $137.31 at Amazon ($93 off)

We've all had the tremendous need to make absolutely sure everyone within earshot knows what we are listening to. Well, right now you can fill that void by picking up the LG Tone Studio not-quite-headphones for $137 over at Amazon. We've caught the price drop on these three times before, but this is the lowest we've seen them at yet. It's such a hot deal, in fact, that it looks like Amazon blew through their available stock. You can still place an order, but it might not be fulfilled for a while. 

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[Deal Alert] LG's weird new Tone Studio headphones are already on sale for $200 at various retailers ($30 off)

LG's new Tone Studio headphones are a little awkward. They follow the same design as the company's well-loved neckband Bluetooth earphones, but they add a speaker in case you want to envelop yourself in music without actually stuffing something into your ear. I can understand the use case for those who are constantly mobile in a certain environment, say while they move from home to car to office or while they clean different rooms of the house, and who don't want to bother with connecting and disconnecting from multiple speakers and headsets. That doesn't make the idea any less awkward though.

The Tone Studios went on sale at the end of March for $229.99, but they're already down $30 to $199.99.

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LG's Tone Studio headphones to be available in the US at the end of the month for $230

I never would have expected LG's Tone lineup of Bluetooth headsets to reach the kind of popularity that it has. The goofy around-the-neck design looks awkward and cumbersome and I personally prefer a more freeing design like the Plantronics BackBeat GO or Jaybird Bluebuds series. But what do I know? People not only bought 20 Million of LG's Tones, they also seem to like them, at least based on various reviews of the different models. And that's why LG keeps reiterating on the design.

The latest is the Tone Studio, which was announced at CES 2017. It takes the original around-the-neck earphone design and... adds four speakers.

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