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Huawei Watch Review: An Excellent First Effort From Huawei

The Huawei Watch is a nice smartwatch with a nice screen, good battery life, and what I would call an above-average level of construction quality. If you want a Wear device that is nice and usable and doesn’t have anything seriously wrong or annoying about it, this is a great option. A pricey one, to be sure, but still very, very good. But above all else, it really does feel like the Huawei Watch is the smartwatch for the consumer seriously concerned about the Moto 360’s flat tire. That is most of this watch’s real appeal to enthusiasts, so let’s just lay it out there.

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Inbox v1.12 Shows Signs Of New Snooze Options, Contact Tags, And Its Own App For Android Wear [APK Teardown + Download]

Inbox for Gmail continues to stack on new features and refine its existing capabilities. While it may never fit the needs of many Gmail users, it has earned a strong following of fans that couldn't live without it. The latest release doesn't appear to add anything to the user experience, but a teardown shows a few of the changes that may be on the horizon.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong. There is always a chance that details may change or plans may be cancelled prior to the launch of a new feature discovered in a teardown.
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Android Wear For iOS Is Official, Launching Today With The LG Watch Urbane For Most iPhones With iOS 8.2+

Google has officially announced Android Wear for iOS, and above you can see a picture showing as much - an iPhone 6 running what looks to be an Android Wear app connected to an LG Watch Urbane. Wear for iOS is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus devices running iOS 8.2 or higher.

Here's a look at it on the upcoming Huawei Watch, showing a Hangouts conversation, as well.

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An Exclusive Peek At Hangouts 4.0 On Android Wear

Yesterday, we took a look at the upcoming Hangouts 4.0, a yet unreleased update that promises to clean up the Hangouts interface in many ways. But there was one thing we didn't cover in that post - the Android Wear app that will apparently come with the update to 4.0. Since yesterday we've been playing with the app and thought it would be good to follow up with a quick overview of what it does.

Disclaimer: No matter the confidence level, there's always a chance product updates, features, and some or all details will be changed or cancelled altogether.
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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch On Sale For $50 Through AT&T Again—Hurry

Interested in Android Wear, but don't want to drop the cash on a $350 Urbane? You can get a G Watch for $50 right now. The original LG G Watch is almost a year old, and there are much better watches out there, but this is a killer deal.


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Google Play Services 7.3 Finishes Rollout, SDK Updated With Additional Features For Android Wear, Google Fit, And Location Services

Google Play services 7.3 started rolling out to Android devices a little less than 2 weeks ago, making some small, but much needed changes in the process. It turns out that wasn't the only purpose for that release, as it also brings some cool new capabilities developers can use in their apps. Now that the rollout is finished, Google has released an updated Play Services SDK with new capabilities for Android Wear, Google Fit, and Location Services. There's also an improvement to the GoogleApiClient class to handle situations when APIs aren't available on a given device.

Magnus is back!

Android Wear

We learned last week from an update to the Android Wear app that support for connecting multiple watches – and possibly other devices – had become reality.

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Maps v9.8 Allows Users To Batch Upload Multiple Photos And Hide Scheduled Plans From Location Screens [APK Download]

Frequent travelers know Google Maps all too well. It's one of the most widely used apps on Android for a reason. A brand new update to version 9.8 just turned up, and there are a few notable changes to take a look at. This release appears to be dedicated to fine-tuning different parts of the interface, so there aren't any big changes here. Maps now gives users the option to upload multiple photos simultaneously, hide reservations from location cards, and more. As usual, we've got a download link at the bottom of the page if you'd rather jump straight to the apk.

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Google Keep 3.1.18 Improves Wear App With New 'Add Note' Interface And Options To Set Reminders [APK Download]

Google Keep was one of the first apps to add support for the Android Wear platform, giving users a quick, simple, and mostly effortless way to record short notes without reaching for a smartphone. Since then, the main application has seen several updates, but the Wear-specific companion app has gone mostly unchanged. With the latest update, the tables have been turned, and it's time for the Wear app to go through a moderately sizeable refresh.

What's New


In earlier versions of Keep's micro apk, the app only served as a target for voice commands and a way to browse existing notes.

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Android Wear App v1.1 Rolls Out With An Updated Look, Multiple Watch Support, Cloud Sync Over Wi-Fi, And Calendars From Any Account [APK Download]

Google let the cat out of the bag yesterday with a blog post detailing just what we should expect in the next major version to Android Wear. An upcoming software update will be adding Wi-Fi support, always-on apps, and a few other interesting options. While we wait for new firmwares to hit our wrist-bound hardware, the Android Wear app just received its own update to prepare for the new features. This isn't just a small maintenance release to add configuration screens, there are some major visual and organizational improvements, and a few new features.

What's New

2015-04-22 00.29.242015-04-22 00.29.312015-04-22 00.29.47

Most of the main screen has been completely redesigned.

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Google's Device Art Generator Adds Android Wear To Lineup

Google's official device art generator is a great tool for making screenshots look pretty. For all recent Nexus devices, including Nexus 5, 6, 7, and 9 (plus a few older devices), the generator has high-quality device frames that will perfectly show off properly sized screenshots. Users can simply drag a screenshot in and then drag the framed shot back out, with shadow or glare effects if desired.

Now, it looks like Android Wear has joined the lineup on the device art generator. Rather than opting for specific device art (which in this case would include a watch body and a strap), Google has added very basic frames for "round" or "square" watches (no flat tire shapes allowed).

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