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Android Q Bluetooth settings and notifications will focus on battery levels, Find My Accessories coming to Fast Pair

Google's streamlined Bluetooth pairing protocol for Android devices, Fast Pair, is about to support way more devices — not just Chromebooks, as previously promised, but more headphones, earbuds, speakers, and even smartwatches — and get a lot more useful for people who have lost a wireless earbud around the house. The company is also preparing a UI revamp for Bluetooth settings in Android Q.

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Smartwatch shipments are up 48%, but Fossil is falling behind

Selling consumers on smartwatches has proven much more difficult than selling them on smartphones a decade ago, but the market is gaining traction. Counterpoint Research says that smartwatch shipments grew by 48% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2019, but most of that is thanks to Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Fossil, and therefore Wear OS, has seen its market share decline.

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[Update: Rolling out] Upcoming Wear OS update will feature widget-like 'Tiles' for common actions

Wear OS has gone through quite a few evolutions over the last five years as it adopted apps, watch faces with custom complications, changes to notifications, and so on. The next big change is coming soon as Google prepares to take another step on the path it began with the last major update, and it's going to be called Tiles.

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This guy built a smartwatch from scratch, resurrecting the idea behind Pebble

At some point, someone decided that smartwatches have to be capable of replacing your phone. While that might work okay-ish on Apple's platform, it's a disaster over in the Android world – underpowered but battery-sucking Snapdragon chips meet poorly written software on Wear OS. With Pebble gone, there aren't many options left for people looking for a simple wearable that just shows them notifications. Wearable fan Samson March took matters into his own hands (literally) and created a smartwatch with a custom OS, custom design, and a battery life of one whole week that simply mirrors his iPhone's notifications, with no bells and whistles, all while open sourcing the entire project.

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Updated Michael Kors Sofie smartwatch now on sale, adds heart rate sensor and NFC support

The first Wear OS smartwatches from fashion company Michael Kors were released in 2017, featuring bedazzled designs and high price tags. However, the 'Sofie' watch was lacking in features, even compared to other Wear OS watches at the time. An updated model was announced at CES 2019, and now it's available for purchase.

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Five perspectives on Wear OS for its five-year anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the original announcement of Wear OS (née Android Wear). The platform has iterated through several different generations of hardware, a change of name, and its software has evolved a lot through the years. With half a decade of experience now behind it, some of us here at Android Police decided to sit down and hash out our feelings for Wear OS in 2019.

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40 new and notable Wear OS apps and watch faces from the last 6 months (9/13/18 - 3/16/19)

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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Wear OS apps and faces that went live on the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous six months or so. Since our last collection, Google has changed the branding from Android Wear to Wear OS, and there are finally devices in the market that contain the new Snapdragon 3100 chip, which allows for more features, such as a visible second hand when the ambient mode is on. While I'm sure the progress of Wear OS isn't moving as fast as enthusiasts would like, there's no arguing the platform isn't dead yet.

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[Update: Google confirmation] The Hangouts app is no longer available on Wear OS

Hangouts as we know it has been slowly dying for years (sorry if this is how you're finding out). G Suite users are transitioning away from the classic Hangouts service this year, with individual users to follow soon after. Now there's another nail in Hangouts Classic's coffin: the app is no longer available on Wear OS.

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Report: Google's 2019 hardware plans include Pixel 'Lite,' Home refresh, new Nest cameras, and wearables

Google's first-party hardware options may be set to ramp up this year according to a recent report. Based on the details, we might see new product lines as well as refreshes of existing ones. In addition to the already knownupcomingcheaper Pixel "Lite," Nikkei is reporting that Google plans to release its own wearables (plural), a Google Home refresh, and security cameras this year.

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Report: Wear OS makes up less than 12% of smartwatch sales in the US

Take these estimates with an appropriate grain of salt, but reading between the lines of a recent analysis by The NPD Group indicates that smartwatches running Wear OS account for at most 12% of unit sales in the US, and the real numbers are likely much lower than that. Although Google continues investing inredesigning and rebranding the platform, which now boasts plenty of hardware partners, it has barely made a dent in the market.

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