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Qualcomm will launch new processor for wearables this fall (Updated)

Despite frequent updates, Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) is definitely stagnating from a hardware perspective. Most watches use Qualcomm's Wear 2100 processor, which is over two years old at this point. At long last, the company is working on a brand new mobile chipset for wearables, which will arrive this fall.

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New Assistant features are rolling out on Wear OS

A few days ago, Google announced new features coming to Assistant on Wear OS and now they've started to roll out. We're not sure if this is a server-side update or if it's related to a Google app update on your watch. When I tried Assistant this morning, I saw the old interface, then the Google app on my watch updated to version I tested Assistant immediately after and it was still the same, but one minute later, I had the new interface.

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[Deal Alert] Fossil Q Gen 3 watches are as low as $150 on Amazon

Fossil Group makes more Wear OS watches than any other company, but most cost over $200. If you've been waiting for a sale, here's your chance. Nearly all of Fossil's Gen 3 smartwatches are heavily marked down right now - as much as $125 off the MSRP.

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Udell releases Wear OS watch face for Google I/O 2018

Udell is a well-known Android developer, mostly thanks to Wearable Widgets. If you're getting ready for Google I/O 2018, or you're just looking for a fun Android Wear Wear OS watch face, Udell's new 'I/O 2018 Watch Face' is pretty great.

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Google rolls out new Assistant features to Wear OS

Google ignored Android Wear for a long time, but now it's got a new name and some new features. The next step in Google's quest to keep Wear OS from dying is to enhance Assistant. In the coming days, you'll be able to access more Assistant Actions and get contextual suggestions when you interact with the watch. It'll also talk, at least sometimes.

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Casio's new PRO TREK Wear OS watch has a slightly lower price and a flat tire display

Wear OS devices aren't exactly flying off the shelves, but that hasn't stopped Casio from announcing a new one. The new PRO TREK WSD-F20A has the same rugged design and flat tire display as Casio's other Wear device. It's a little cheaper than other Casio wearables, but it's still costly overall at $400.

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Wear OS developer preview with Android P announced, now available for Huawei Watch 2

Google has just announced a new developer preview for Wear OS, which it says brings Android P platform features to wearables. It includes a number of additions, such as a dark system theme, limited background activity, radio deactivation when the watch detects it's not being worn, and so on. Downloads are available right now for the Huawei Watch 2 Sport and Classic.

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Update Notes for YouTube, YouTube Music, Gmail, Wear OS, Google Assistant, and Creator Studio (Mar 24, 2018)

Every week, I examine somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred app updates while looking for changes. The most interesting things turn into APK Teardowns or Download posts. Many of the remaining updates are unremarkable, amounting to a few bug fixes, routine updates to libraries, or even just pixel-level adjustments to layouts and images. However, there are usually a few updates that land somewhere in between. I don't want to spam readers with dozens of short posts, but I hate to ignore things that people might want to know about, so I'm going to wrap up the leftovers for a little weekend reading and call it Update Notes.

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Skagen Falster review: A very sleek Wear OS watch let down by terrible hardware decisions

Over the last year, we've seen a tangible shift in Android Wear's — now Wear OS — direction. Previously geared toward the demanding techie crowd that was tough to win over, Google's smartwatch platform found a sort of reprieve in more niche markets. We've seen Wear watches made for extreme sports, outdoors, running, and a slew of fashion-forward models from recognized brands like Michael Kors, Diesel, GUESS, Fossil, Kate Spade, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. The latter all come from the Fossil group, a company that I think should be credited for Wear's second lease of life — and likely its rebrand to Wear OS to attract iPhone users.

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Mobvoi's Ticwatch S and E are available in the UK from today

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Google-backed Mobvoi launched the Ticwatch S and E in the US last year, following on from the impressive TicHome Mini Google Assistant speaker. The stylish Ticwatches now run Wear OS 2.9 out of the box (Android Wear 2.0 at time of initial release) and are making their way across the Atlantic to the UK. They're both available to purchase from today.

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