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Wear Mini Launcher starts showing pop-up ads after latest update

One of the most popular third-party apps for Android Wear is Wear Mini Launcher. As the name implies, it's an app launcher for your watch that tries to improve upon the normal basic list of apps. But as of the latest update, Wear Mini Launcher has started pushing pop-up ads.

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Android Wear Mini Launcher Developer Sells The App To A New Dev

Wear Mini Launcher was one of the favorite tools in the opening months of Android Wear. Back when the platform's utility was somewhat limited, it was the best way to manually start a Wear app. Of course that utility has become somewhat redundant now that Wear has been updated with an integrated launcher. Even so, the gesture activation function still makes Wear Mini Launcher one of the easiest ways to quickly activate a Wear app without using voice control.

Unfortunately, Wear Mini Launcher seems to have gone the way of QuickPic. On his Google+ community dedicated to beta releases and feature requests, developer Nicolas Pomepuy announced that he sold the application to a new developer.

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[APK Download] Wear Mini Launcher Is Updated To v4.0, Comes With Flashlight, Remote Phone Lock, Music Controls

The popular Wear Mini Launcher began rolling out a major update today, going from v3.0.3 to v4.0.0. The changes may not be as large as you would expect for an increase in version number, but they are welcome nonetheless. The main additions are the ability to reorder the quick settings, a "flashlight" app available in the drawer, music controls in the menu, and the ability to remotely lock your phone.

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With the vastly improved navigation in Android Wear 5.1, some users may not feel like they need Mini Launcher as much. Of course, this is why its developer is pushing out updates like this, as it helps keep things useful beyond what stock Wear offers.

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Wear Mini Launcher 3.0 Comes With A Material Design-Inspired Companion App And A Couple Drawer Tweaks

Google may not want managing apps to be a primary part of the Android Wear experience, but that doesn't mean all users must agree. Wear Mini Launcher shrinks a traditional app drawer onto that tiny display, where you can access your petite apps with just a swipe.

Today version 3 has hit Google Play, and while it does a number of things to streamline the watch experience, the big item on the changelog deals with the companion app. This required piece of software now sports a Material Design-inspired interface (here's the old holo version, if you're curious). The app lacks a sidebar and is pretty tab heavy, but considering the amount of time you will spend tinkering around with it, that hardly gets in the way.

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Wear Mini Launcher 2.0 Now Available In A Play Store Beta, Offers Customizable Launch Position And Volume Toggle

Good grief, the developer behind the Wear Mini Launcher is certainly setting a rapid pace. The app has only been available for a couple of weeks and already it's seen a major update. Today you can download the Play Store beta version (after you've joined the Google+ community, bah) to try out the 2.0 release. The 2.0 update includes options for moving the swipe-in activation gesture to other screen positions. You know, in case your tiny watch-based app launcher needs more customization.

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Developer Nicolas Pomepuy has posted three alpha updates in rapid succession, also adding phone volume toggles to the Wear Mini Launcher quick settings menu.

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